Jul. 13th, 2009 12:47 am
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They say that abs start in the kitchen. I've been giving it some serious thought this weekend as to whether I will ever be able to commit to getting abs. I'm thinking that I don't have it. Seriously, maybe I was thinking this after a boozey night out, Italian dinner + tiramisu. But still. I just don't know if I could ever commit to being so strict with my diet to the points where PSFA (Project Sweet Fkn Abs) would even be a vague possibility. That's pretty soft isn't it? But I don't think I can commit to 'giving up' things like bread, peanut butter and milk. I'm not too devastated on this though, because we all know what the primary project is...PSFG!!!

The real test is going to be the next few weeks - I'm going to be really flat out at work (I even went in today) and if I can hold together the exercise, diet and work my ass off, then I know that I've truly made a commitment. It's going to be hard - when you're stressed and tired, the last thing you want to do at 7:30pm is drag yourself to the gym. Anyway, I'm going to do my best to try and hold it together. One of the things I always think about is President Obama - who gets his skinny little self to the gym 6 times a week. And sure, I don't have housekeeping or a chef to keep my life ticking alongg, but if he can make time, what's my excuse??

PSFG continues to roll on. Have made an adjustment to try and do a double bicep set every now and again and then also going against my trainer's advice and doing 3 sets of 12 reps again at a heavier weight. Have also ordered more protein powder/supplements, so I'm back on the heinous gluggy calcium caseinate night time protein shakes (it truly is drinking your medicine) and I'm also trying out creatine/l-glutamine, to see if it makes any difference to my stamina/performance. I think I have show 'mini-guns' though - I was on the court tonight and these other girls were muscling past me to box out. And I should be stronger and boxing out like there's no tomorrow, but I was just standing there like a show pony. FAIL. Who wants all show, no go??

In my most devastating piece of basketball news, I had a total captain fail and told my team the wrong time for Friday's game :( Luckily, it didn't affect our final standing on the ladder. But I was so annoyed with myself because my top 3 hates are wasting people's time, being disorganised and fucking up the details. And I managed to do ALL THREE. My team were so good about it and weren't mad at me at all, but I just felt like such a failure. I think the only thing that saved me is that I am usually a pretty great captain (yeah, there's spreadsheets and yes, I write down post-game reports on the other team so we can remember which team is which). The only thing to do now is to win the title!!!! The grand final is on my birthday, so it will either be worst birthday ever or best birthday ever. Here's hoping!


In other news, I am really missing my man. It's almost been 2 months now and I just feel so lost. The only good thing about all of this is, it's made me realise how much you really care for someone when they're not around, so you can take them for granted. It's just really lonely at the moment. I feel a bit like a Smiths song - you know, 'so you leave on your own, and you go home and you cry and you want to die' - except my version's a little less morose and I go home, cook dinner, wash up and watch tv til I pass out. I absolutely CANNOT wait til we get to spend some quality time together in Perth/Bali/Sydney! It's going to be amazing.
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