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The weather in Sydney in the last month has been PHENOMENAL. Almost no rain, which has meant that my lunchtimes are generally filled with sunshine and no excuse to stay at the desk, but to pull on my sneakers and go running or play basketball. And after a mionth of throwing myself around, my heart has finally gotten onto the game and I can feel myself feel just that tiny bit stronger.

I've started running with some of my workmates and it's fantastic how everyone's behind it. The fact that I've started a CUMULATIVE RUNNING STAT graph which marks everyone progress in km's and no-one wants to be left too far down the graph may have something to do with it...Regardless, I'm just hoping I don't get sick or get an injury, which is always what happens when I get some semblance of fitness up.

I've never been a team sport person - but I am in love with basketball at the moment. I'm not very good (but I'm better than when I started), but I just love getting out there and playing. I've got to work on my lay ups and I think I might be half all right...I'm playing Tuesdays (half court, messing around with the boys at work), Fridays (mixed Work team), Saturdays (training) and Sundays (all girls team). Add 2 runs a week and I finally think I'm doing enough exercise!

Now to figure out how to get enough sleep so I'm not always so wrecked in the morning...


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