Sep. 21st, 2008 11:34 am
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When I was in Tokyo, my sister sent me a message saying that we should stay in our hotel, make fun of the culture and make no attempt to understand the place we were in and then find solace in a young girl. However, we decided to NOT do that and spent about 8 days in Tokyo. In retrospect, we should have spent more time in Osaka and maybe attempted to go to another place altogether. Oh well, next time.

I want to go back nowwwwww = + about 20 )

Pretty devastating to be back home and at work after all of that. Where to next? J and I are thinking of going to the States next (NY, Chicago, San Francisco?) and then maybe going back through Japan (OKINAWA!!!). We loved you Japan - the people, the food, the sights...The credit card bill was huge (but paid off now!), but sometimes it's better to be broke and happy isn't it?
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We spent a day in Nara - which is the historic capital of Japan. It's pretty much overrun with deers who are dubbed the 'messengers of the gods'.

It was a hot day in Nara - and surprisingly there were more Japanese tourists than foreign tourists.

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Kyoto is always raved about by all visitors to Japan and it''s easy to see why - it lends itself to tourists with stacks of history and things to see. J and I enjoyed Kyoto, but it was not our favourite part of our trip. That said, we saw some very awesome things which were unique to Kyoto.

Dragon fountain outside of Hoganji Temple outside of Central Kyoto. A lot of Kyoto temples are undergoing renovations at the moment, so you can see the construction to the main hall in the background. A lot of the temples in Kyoto do not state that you can't take photographs and you often see tourists snapping away at people praying and the shrines etc. We didn't take too many temple photos, just because it seemed more appropriate to let people do what they were doing and just enjoy these places.

More kyoto under here... )

Just got back from Hong Kong this morning. I have spent so much money in the last month, my feet kill, my wardrobe has expanded, my fitness is gone and it's been a great few weeks. Now I'm just going to be eating baked beans and sobbing into my photos.


Sep. 6th, 2008 08:55 pm
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I've been debating with how much detail to give you on our holidays - I know I've already posted some of these pics on FB, but I also don't have everyone on my FB.

We spent 3 nights in Osaka all up - our first two and our last two. People often say there is nothing to do in Osaka except for Osaka Castle. However, we absolutely loved it - the people were friendly (although they do not speak much English, they make a real effort to understand you - I don't know why people get so bent out of shape about this, it's not like the Japanese come to Australia and expect us to speak Japanese) and there's just this great feeling to the place. It's part chaotic, part people just doing their thing, very Japanese and not as touristy as Kyoto/Tokyo. Either way, we were big fans of Osaka and feel there were probably all sorts of places we didn't see properly there.

Below is the star of the show - Kai-kun, a whale shark from the Osaka Aquarium. It was definitely an impressive aquarium (but we hear that the one in Okinawa is even better - next year, huh?)

And on with the rest of the Osaka show... = +21 )

So depressed that I am back in Sydney.


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