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After watching your ads with Ponting and Sonia Kruger, I was thinking, wow maybe I would feel better on Swisse. So I ordered some of your women's multivitamins and my god, was I in for a surprise. They are the most vile smelling and tasting multivitamins I've ever encountered in my life! I'm not often moved to provide negative feedback on something unless it really offends my sensibilities - and I just thought you should know that these things are truly horrendous.

I canvassed my friends for a pretty unscientific sample to see if anyone else had tried Swisse and the common feedback was a) hot damn, Sonia Kruger sure looks good for her age and b) Swisse multivitamins are some of the worst smelling/tasting multivitamins.

This is pretty unusual feedback considering that of all the other brands of multivitamins I have tried don't have any real offensive odour/taste to them that cause me to gag when I take them.

I guess there's no real point in having a superior formulation if your consumers can't even stomach the though of ingesting them. Maybe it's the special herbs? Whatever it is, it's pretty rancid.

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Fucken hell - how come when anyone dies, the 'journos' immediately go trawling on facebook/myspace and get photos/quotes from their friends and bash them into a 'news stories'.

I know, information in the public domain, blah blah, public profile, blah blah blah. To be honest, it's pretty shocking to read most Australian newspapers these days. What I don't understand is when they have articles like 'TO KERR ON THE SIDE OF HOTNESS' and a picture of Miranda Kerr, there are like THREE people credited with writing it. Are our journalists so incompetent these days they can't even manage to focus for 30 minutes (max??) to bash out a few breathy paragraphs about Miranda Kerr at a horse race???


May. 19th, 2008 10:20 pm
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What is the go with 'twitters' or whatever those dumb ass feeds are?

'So and so is cooking dinner'

'So and so is thirsty'

'So and so needs the bathroom'


Do you use them? Do you read them??? What have I missed?


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