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Listening to this song and thinking of my grandma, who despite all her Asian badassness was a mad reggae fan. She grew up in a fishing town and endearingly called it 'leggae'.

I was cleaning up my iphone contacts and trying to sync it with my address book. I was deleting contacts of people that I will never call again. But then I came across the numbers of Brian and my gran and even though I'll never call them again, I left their numbers there.

To all my friends who still have their grandparents with them, call them tomorrow and say hi. I know we all get busy with the things we do and our jobs and petty things like going out...but once they go, you can't call them anymore.


I Won't Run

Mar. 1st, 2011 12:56 am
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I have so much to write I'm in my new city and how even though I'm HERE as a resident, I still feel like a visitor. How I leave work and stare up at these pointy, shiny skyscrapers that pierce through the winter sky as thousands of people shove past with eyes straight ahead and not a care about anything other than where they are going.

I want to remember the feeling of being in a new city, so when this place has me tired and worn out, I can remember that at one point in February 2011 that all I felt was the energy that this place has.

People here are incredibly welcoming. I think it comes from a city where everyone was new at one point and didn't know what to do next in this foreign place. People thrust their numbers and email addresses at me, asking me to call if I need anything. People walk me around their neighbourhood, just so I can get a feel for the place. Even though they could have been home half an hour earlier.

There is the shopping and the eating. Mall after mall of immaculate shop windows, beautiful things and gorgeous people. There are open air markets where the floor is wet with dirty water and old, worn Asian faces with bad teeth offer produce of varying quality. Where 'offer' means the dull thud of the cleaver against ancient wood, unrefrigerated meat and pools of visible blood. Or bowls of water with a bubbler which fizzes and foams as a fish sits, alive but not really moving - almost accepting of what comes next. Inbetween the shiniest pharmacies and malls sit old Chinese men who tend to their stores with cheap, practical wares.

On Saturday night I walked past bars in LKF. Clubs blared bad music, bouncers wielded guest lists. Untidy white people wore flashing headbands and sang along to Chumbawumba and Enter Sandman. Holding each other way, slack jawed and rubbery ankles trapped in ridiculous high heels. Sweaty brows and eyes going every which way. To add insult to injury, the Black Eyed Peas started to wail across this scene. 'This is a living nightmare', I thought to myself. Other exclusive clubs had people straight from the gulf in tidy stitched tuxedos and glittering Arabian sequinned gowns. Fat men sway to the music knowing that it's their money that will talk to the women, and not their dance moves.

People know HK for its shopping, pace and bars. But on Saturday afternoon, I caught a bus down to Deepwater Bay, expecting HK beaches to be small, dirty and unspectacular. As the bus wound its way out of the city and down to the south of the island, I watched this unfold itself infront of me. Green hills and that water, stretching out. I met with a whole bunch of people I didn't know, got my paddle and spent 2 hours dragon boating. This new club already are asking me to commit to racing in 2 weeks. People were surprised that I was 6 days into a new country and I was already out there on the water. It was different to Sydney dragon boating but that's the whole point of this isn't it?

I met a girl who said she wanted to try dragon boating. I told her to come along and try it, trying to explain to her how there's something so special about being in a place in your life where you have the ability in your life to be on the water. But when she told other people about it, everyone told her how 'hard' it was and how she's now thinking about sticking to spin classes and the gym.

The best things in life aren't always the easiest.

Sometimes you just need to keep pushing, even when it would be easier to stick to what you know. I keep thinking about this comment about it being 'hard' and sticking to what you know.

But then I also look at photos of international dragon boat racing in HK which is unlike anything I've ever seen before. Where they bring in barges to block off Victoria Harbour and thousands of people come to race and watch. And that's why I know there's a reason why sometimes you don't always want to do the things you know so well.
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I still have to get my pictures together for my post-Japan post. Wow, 2 weeks in Japan - it's such a great country. I'm paying for it now - broke and fat. But as my mum says, that's what holidays are about.

I've thrown myself back into my routine and I hurt everywhere. I can't even sit down properly at the moment because my glutes and quads are totally busted from dragonboating. I need to do more pure cardio training at the gym because I'm not as fit for basketball/oztag as I want to be - but who has the time when you work full time+ and you're on 4 sports teams?

I absolutely love dragonboating. I love how it's an absolute break from work - it's not like you go down the road and just push some weights around in the gym. I walked from work to training yesterday (right next to the Sydney Fish Markets) - the sun was shining and it's beautiful down there. It gives me this overall sense of just being really thankful of being in this spot in my life that lets me do this. I love that you're working with about 20 other people to do something tangible - rowing somewhere together, rather than staring at the wall and jumping up and down. 30 minutes ago you were at the office and now you're on the water. Two hours later you're aching, tired, generally soaked through, salty limbs and just so pleased with yourself.

All of these sports are making it so hard for me to go to the gym and just do cardio. I don't mind hefting weights around but how can you go from rowing around the ANZAC Bridge at almost sunset, playing Oztag at Jubilee Park near the water in the almost Summer sun, training outside in the Domain and then trying to then find the willpower to slog it out for 30 minutes of interval training on the stepper, inside with the muted Channel V hits on? KILLLL ME IN THE FACE.

My favourite take away from dragonboating so far was something our coach said when we were doing sprint training. We were doing minute sets and she said 'What's one minute out of your life? NOTHING' and I take that with me every time I'm hurting and I just gotta push through.
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I actually did get the call up and I've managed to join an oztag team on Thursday lunchtime. I played my first game today and I was freaking out cause I've never even passed a rugby ball before. But I had the best time!!!! I was a bit unco but also managed to grab some tags, play the ball, I had a kick and even scored a try!!!!!!

Granted, the boys really set it up for me, so it wasn't like I did any crazy spin moves and sprinted faster than anyone down the pitch.

I'm really looking forward to learning how to pass properly and then getting on top of all the rules. Then...sneaky dirty tactics time!!

I've declared this summer, the summer of new things and I am loving it so far. Dragon
Boating, oztag plus my initial love of basketball (Sunday season starts this week) is a lot of effort, but I'm just smiling when I think of it all.

I recommend everyone get on board for try new things summer! I have bball tomorrow, dragon boating on sat and bball on Sunday. Flawless victory!!

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Wednesday tomorrow and still no call up to play Oztag on Thursday :( Looks like my plans to be Benji Marshall with a sweet behind the back pass is over before it even began. I coulda been a contender!

In other news, did my second session of dragon boating tonight and I LOVED it. I was just beaming all the way home in the car. I haven't felt this way since....I started playing basketball.

I just gotta figure out how to get to the fish markets now without careening over Anzac Bridge!
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It's been a long time since I've written. I've just been getting slammed at work, so I've been pretty lack lustre. Just a busy time...I wasn't allowed to take any time off work when J was home - except for one day. Other members of my team were away, so I got stuck behind.

I sprained my thumb pretty badly at basketball about 3 weeks ago (final game of my girls' team, Sunday night comp). I couldn't even hold a hairdryer properly or open jars. It's still a bit busted. It kind of put a dent in my weights workouts, cause I couldn't hold weights. Much sadness. But I went last week and it's doable (if a little awkward).

But even if my thumb was working, I have been feeling like I am in a major rut with my routines. Add in the cold winter and I have been very slack with my eating (and oh the drinking!). It's time to wind it in now - it's still fkn cold though, which means my motivation remains low too. Who wants to eat shredded cabbage + chicken breast when it's 15C? Not me. FUUUUUUUUUUU cabbage + the cold!! Hello hearty meals + red wine!

Anyway, I decided I needed to get out of this exercise rut. So when one of my friends posted on their facebook a few weeks ago that they were looking to get enough girls together to form an all girls dragonboating crew and asked if anyone was interested. It's something I always wanted to try, so I just threw myself into it and said yes and I did my first session last Saturday. I was freaking out a bit before I got there but when all was said and done, I absolutely loved it!! Even though it was hard work and I was unco to the max. It was also 8:15am on a Saturday morning 0______O I am not a morning person. Anyway, there was just something really beautiful about being out on the water in the morning with a bunch of people, working together as a team to get this thing going through the water. It seems quite social too (everyone gets coffee afterwards) and everyone was friendly. It wasn't a high intensity heart rate work out but I can tell you now, I've discovered muscles in my butt, back and shoulders which I never even knew I had. It even hurts when I sit down. I can hopefully make my second training session tomorrow night - I can't wait!! They train Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings, so I'm going to try and get to both sessions each week. Tuesdays might be harder because of work.

More than anything, it was a million times more interesting than using the damn rowing machine at the gym. J is going to come along too when he's back from his overseas adventures. Which will be so cool, cause we can get a running start on our weekend and do something together.

Separately, some guys at work need some more girls to play OzTag. I've never played before either - in fact, I've never played any pointy ball sports. But in the spirit of Trying New Things, I told them that I'd love to give it a go. I am also freaking out about passing and catching the pointy ball. I am hoping to get my Benji Marshall round the back trick pass downpat VERY soon. Basic catching and passing be damned. Anyway, wait and see if they need me...I'd love to give it a go!! I will lose my mind the very first time I score a try!!

My other basketball season starts up again soon, so I think my week will look like this for planned activities (provided work doesn't a ss me about):

  • Tuesday - Dragonboating training in the evening
  • Wednesday - Outdoor group training with guys at work - alternates between boxing and running each week
  • Thursday - Lunchtime Oztag (mixed)????
  • Friday - Lunchtime basketball (mixed)
  • Saturday - Dragonboating training in the morning
  • Sunday - Evening basketball (girls)

Which is infinitely more exciting than 4 x 30 minute sessions on the cardio machines. FUUUU cardio machines!

And then I've got to get to the gym and do weights 3 - 4 times a week. I would like to get back in the habit of doing workouts on Friday nights instead of going drinking. 3 - 4 times a week is going to be tricky if I'm doing all of those sports tho...but I guess I can just treat the basketball / oztag more as cardio. I can't see myself doing weights and THEN doing dragonboating though! I am not sure how it will all go....but it should be fun.

At the moment, I've only been getting to the gym 1 - 2 times a week to do weights at the moment and it's been good enough for maintenance/strength, but PSFG prime time is always summer. BOOOM.


I've been thinking a lot about my primary school sports teacher recently. She was quite a cow to anyone who wasn't a superstar at sports. When I was in primary school, I wasn't the best at sports, I couldn't swim all that well and I was shithouse at netball (which was the #1 girls sports at my school). That's not to say I got to high school and I was a super gun at sports either - the only sport I would do competitively was swimming (which I was actually got pretty good at even in my later years of primary school - but my sports teacher still thought I was pretty crap!). But I was ok at basketball, hockey, soccer...I still remained SHITHOUSE at netball though. People at work keep asking if I want to play netball and I tell them hellz no!!!!!!

I often wonder how many kids who hate sports are because of the way they are taught at school or because they had a teacher who wasn't very supportive or encouraging. Which would be such a shame. I could have easily been turned off sport and I could be missing out on all these cool things that I do.

You would think that all this sport would make me feel really healthy. But it actually just makes me feel a million years old. I still love it though. I can't wait for summer!!!
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I haven't written in ages - a combination of being super busy at work and being super lazy at home.

I keep thinking about the friend we lost last year in a horrible tragic accident - it's one year ago precisely. I wasn't his best friend or in his team, but I can't believe it's already one year gone since we saw his happy smiling face around the building. Even though we weren't super close friends, he was still a great person who always had time to smile or say hi. I just can't even imagine what it must feel like for those closer to him.

People have been posting to his facebook still...his girlfriend, his sister, friends...It's eerie sometimes, like it's this tether to communicating with him, even if he's gone.

I look back on my gran's passing and while that's sad, she'd lived a good life and achieved so much. To pass on at 31, with so much more to do...I still don't understand it. I look at photos of him and I almost can't believe he's really gone forever.

RIP Brian. 1 year already - we all still think of you.
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Once again, only [ profile] smelsworst is really going to understand this, but I'm SO excited about my work team at the moment. We had a bit of a downer last season (injuries, some soft losses and of course, I didn't play for half of it) but although I've lost my power forward, I've manage to pick up a new recruit and I'm excited about our prospects.

Why am I excited?

  • My new recruit is someone I've had my eye on for ages and I thought he didn't really want to commit or play. However, we were short cause of my power forward leaving, so I asked him to fill in. He said yes. Then he showed up to the game in NEW BBALL KICKS. And they were in team colours. And I thought SURELY no one spends $200+ on new basketball boots when they are NOT playing on any other team atm. So without wanting to look too obsessed, I carefully waited a week and a half and then casually asked 'Hey, we're kinda short atm - do you want to play this season? We could really use your size...If so, let me know and I'll order you a uniform and game fees are $X'. Within 5 minutes he's at my desk handing over cash. BOOOOOOOM.
  • I now have two big guys - they're not super tall (by NBA standards I guess - they're tall by you and me standards). One is about 6'3 and one is probably about 6'4. The 6'3 one is used to playing point guard (usually the smallest guy on the team) because he grew up with tall ass friends. So he plays more like a small than a big. But my new big, the 6'4 one, is what we know as a true big!! Not afraid to get in there and bang bodies. My favourite kind of big! ♥
  • With my true big playing, it now means that my 6'3 guy can play the power forward (or 4 if you wanna use the slang). And Mr 6'3 was loving it on Friday cause he got to play more in line with what he's used to doing.
  • My 6'3 is getting more comfortable with playing - he had a bad knee injury a year+ ago and he's been a bit tentative playing. I kept telling the team we had to be patient and he'd start playing bigger when he got his confidence back. I have another VERY unsympathetic team member who was like whatever, when I had a hurt ankle, I came back really quick and I was like 'WHATEVER, you hurt your ankle and missed 2 weeks - that's not a bad injury!!'. A bad injury is one that has you out for 3+ months and that shit takes ages for you to feel confident on, more than actually being physically capable.
  • My 6'3 guy is not only getting his legs underneath him but on Friday he did this sweet layup and I swear his hand was ABOVE THE RIM. You know what that means - DUNKING IS COMING. I would LOVE to be the only team with a dunker.
  • Oh yeah, and my 6'4 guy says he used to be able to dunk in high school too. Imagine having TWO dunkers :D
  • There was this moment on Friday when our bigs grabbed the rebound and the other team was just powerless. And a guy I was on the sidelines with was like 'THAT'S what used to happen to us!!! It's so good having the size'. YEAHHHHHH.
  • With two bigs, it means that our previous centre/power forward can now move to being power forward/shooting guard. This suits these two boys perfectly because one loves playing physically and has a good amount of finesse to his game and the other is a ball hog who loves jacking up shots (and well, he's pretty good at it too).
  • I've been short these two guys cause of injury but both of them should be back for the second of the half season.
  • I have no update on my girls because the three of us are awesome together. I reckon we have the best girls in the comp. Not because we have the best shooter but if you took an average of girls per team, we have the best offensive/defensive girls. I play minimal offense for mixed ball though, my job is to be all arms waving, face guarding, hard screening Nadz.
  • I set the best dirty screen on this guy on Friday - and it was for little reason other than I wanted to see if this guy was paying attention. It was right down their base line and we were inbounding the ball after a basket. The guy did the outraged look around for the ref afterwards because I moved my leg/knee down at the last second to catch his movement so it was technically illegal but because it was right down the other end, the ref was already in the other half of the court. So unfair really.

But it isn't all sunshine and lollipops, my team is playing better together but we have a lot of new players and new positions and that always takes time for us to figure out what we need to do to play better together.

My team still lacks defensive and offensive intensity in the first half. Especially if the other team show up short of players. In our games, teams often score 15 points against us in the 1st half and 5 points in the 2nd half. What does that tell you? LAZY FIRST HALF INTENSITY. We can't afford to let this become a pattern cause the good teams will SMOKE us.

Injuries - we have a lot of players (myself included) who are recovering from injuries and while we are being good atm, I just want everyone to be safe and keep injury free.

And on a personal level, June's been a light exercise month for me and I am really feeling it. I tend to shut down as soon as J man hits town. But as soon as he's gone (next Thursday :() I want to try and get my workouts in, get them more balanced and see how things go. And stop eating my weight in salami, cheese and wine at every opportunity!!
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I got my hair cut on Thursday night and I specifically wore the quiff there, cause I wanted to Toshi to cut around it. I have the quiff down to a fine art now and can get that bad boy up in 5 minutes and also sufficiently construct one that lasts up through the gym/basketball.

Average quiff: Mousse in wet hair and/or styling spray. Dry with hair drier in an upwards direction. Spray with hairspray. Backcomb half. Pull front half over the top and pin with 2 - 3 bobby pins. Spray again.

Gameday quiff: Mousse in wet hair and/or styling spray. Hairspray. Dry with hair drier in an upwards direction. Add gel and comb through and dry again with hair drier. Backcomb half. Pull front half over the top and pin with 2 - 3 bobby pins. More gel and spray. Possibly even spray some more.

Anyway, Toshi did a pretty good job except then he was styling it at the end and he did this delicate blowdry up with a tiny spray of hairspray. And I KNEW that he was not going to sufficiently quiff it for me - that hairspray amount wasn't going to help anyone. He did this half assed blow dry poufy fringe. I was like WAT, I love the sweet undercut but where's my quiff??

Then he finished and I was like 'Yeah, it's ok, but it's really....not high enough. I want to grow it and make it high' and he looked at me with his artist eyes and said 'I see...but if you have it too high, it's not going to be balanced'.

So I paid my money and left but you can bet my immediate thought was 'Balanced or not, when I wake up tomorrow, I'm going to wake up and spray the shit out my hair and get the Nadz Quiff again!!!!!'

Upwards and upwards. Am going to have to find a mad rockabilly hairdresser who can give me a sweet matrimonial quiff for my big day - because Toshi's little squirt of hairspray is not going to work for this girl!!
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So, about a month ago my mum called me cause she wanted to know how to buy tickets to the Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam concert. Then my dad got on the phone too and asked me to help him get tickets. My dad NEVER asks me to do anything or buy anything for him! Anyway, I was in a course that day so I couldn't get the tickets - however, Juanzo was assigned ticket duties.

Juanzo logged in and got some gold tickets (about $100ish each), but due to the internet timing out he lost his tickets. WIthin him losing his tickets and going again, EVERY SINGLE ticket in Perth managed to sell out. Like even the shitty seats way up the side and the back!

So Juanzo and I were pushed into the dirty dirty scalper market. I don't care if people have like an extra 2 tickets and sell them for a bit of a profit because their friends have dogged them. I think it's an individual choice to flog their tickets. But where you have people buying banks and banks of tickets for insane profits, I get a little bit upset about it.

We decided that my dad and mum do so much for us (and are also sending us their second hand Subaru Outback), so we splurged and got them some AWESOME tickets. Like 4th row tickets. Of course, our dirty scalper friend had to totally violate us for them - so 2 tickets which should have cost us $400 cost us...wait for it....$870. YES, $870!!!

Tickets hadn't been posted out for a while - we followed it up and they informed us that they were in Bali, supping on their fat, dirty scalper profits. Then today, Juanzo gets a message from our dirty scalper friends that pretty much said

'Oh hai! We just got back from our holiday and realised that we've oversold the tickets for Yusuf Islam in Perth! We're trying Ticketek and all our other dirty scalper mates atm to try and get you replacement tickets but we can't seem to get any. We have a spreadsheet where we check all our tickets before we list them but we made a mistake - first time ever...we have like over 250+ tickets on sale though! Wow, really sorry for the inconvenience - but we'll refund your money on Monday'


And I was like WAT?! And more importantly, I don't know how to tell my mum and dad because they are SO EXCITED about the concert. My mum keeps messaging me telling me how excited they are and how my dad can't wait to see his favourite artist EVER. So I'm going o o o o o o o o o o o o o o m g (like an Usher song) and trying to figure out what the fuck to do (haha, largely consisting of asking Juanzo to call up in his cop voice and demand they make it better).

In the end, Juanzo and I decide that the only thing we can do is...use another dirty scalper and buy MORE tickets at an even MORE inflated price (ummmmm, think just under $1000 for 2 tickets now). True the tickets are a bit better (3rd row, right in the centre). I am sure Yusuf Islam would love that his message of peace and harmony is resulting in his die hard fans having to pay more than double what the tickets cost.

The thing is, my dad would die if he even knew how much the original tickets were (ie. face value of $200 each). My dad's done really well for himself but he would never spend that much money going to see someone. If he knew how much Juanzo and I have had to pay for his tickets he would be so angry with me. It doesn't matter though, I'm never going to tell my parents and I just want them to go and enjoy themselves from their red hot, dirty scalper seats.


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I haven't written in here for ages. The usual excuse - I just have nothing interesting to say. I miss J, I go to work, I train, I eat relatively well most of the time...Is this what my life has become? Pretty much! So let me summarise 3 things that have pretty much occupied me recently - being Gluten Free (GF), my totally stuffed upper back/shoulders and my FIFA World Cup 2010 sweep!


One of the things I've been trying in the last week and a half has been cutting out gluten. Not for any digestion/stomach reasons - really it's been pure vanity because I have been feeling so bloated the last 2 months. And I am such a convert!!! I just feel a bit 'flatter' and that's even without my normal exercise load. Can't wait to start training and balling as hard as I was and see how it pans out with the new GF diet.

It has been relatively easy because you can still have a number of other carbs - potato, rice and quinoa largely. I do miss bread, I won't get you wrong - but I've been having pure corn tortillas instead or gluten free wraps. And when I was hung over and I'd normally have toast + eggs, I had to laboriously peel potatoes and make mash potato to soak up the booze. All with a pounding headache. I'm going to try and make some coconut flour bread on the weekend.

I did try millet, but the smell didn't set my world on fire. It was ok when soaked in a curry sauce, but the great [ profile] spookylolly informed me that millet might make me become Goiter Nadz and I happily dumped the rest of it in the bin.

I thought I would miss pasta, but last night I made bolognaise and instead of using wheat pasta I just used rice stick noodles instead and I didn't miss it at all.

I am absolutely loving quinoa again. I fell off the quinoa train because I remember it being hard to prepare and getting stuck in the pan. Instead of cooking it right through on the boil/simmer, I am now bringing it to boil and then simmering for about 10 - 15 minutes, turning the heat off and leaving the lid on for an hour. Perfection! I mix it with shredded coconut and a date (OMG what a treat! a WHOLE date!!), and then I go to work and microwave it. Alternatively, I grate up a few apples, stew them down with water, cinnamon, cloves and a little bit of brown sugar and mix it with the quinoa (and if I have a dying banana, that goes in there too) and some coconut and microwave that up.

I'm going to trot down to the Indian supermarket and the health store tomorrow and buy some supplies to make some GF muesli - ie. puffed rice, rice flakes, pumpkin seeds, coconut, macadamias, currants, linseeds, chia seeds, craisins..I'll melt down some golden syrup and some coconut oil, mix the grains and toast it in the oven and then make GF G's Muesli Mix! FU $15 a tiny bag of GF Muesli.

I have the distinct luxury that eating gluten doesn't cause me any health or digestion problems. So if I do accidentally have some gluten in something it's not the end of the world. Like, I don't freak out about having rice bubbles which technically aren't gluten free because they have malt flavouring on them.

I was only going to try it for a week and then run face first into a loaf of bread. But a week after, I am loving Gluten Free and I'm going to keep doing it for a bit longer and perhaps maybe only have wheat/barley/oats, etc on the weekends? I've read that oats are ok, but I'm just trying to be pure about it for a couple of weeks.


In other news, my shoulder/upper back is so tight. It always flares up when I'm stressed out (which I have been for the last 2 weeks). I saw a new Shiatsu masseuse on Saturday and he was AMAZING. So so painful One of the most painful massages I've had ever and I have a pretty high pain tolerance. Shiatsu is all about pressure points and he'd be pressing points and moving my leg or arm and I'd be like WHAT is going on. At one point he was telling me 'No pain, no gain' and just trying to get me to breathe in or out to deal with the pain. He kept assuring me he was very experienced and that he was going to get results. He didn't even care when I cried out loud in pain!

I knew it was good though when he asked me 'How long have you had a headache for?' - I didn't even tell him, he could just feel it. Kind of freaky. I think he knew I'd been out drinking too because I swear he was applying pressure to my kidneys.

Anyway, I'm doing something wrong....I'm trying to sit properly and stretch more now. I'm trying to sleep on a hot water bottle to get some heat onto it. I've followed up the painmaster with a remedial massage on Thursday (a friend recommended a masseuse, she was ok - she wasn't brutal enough tho, even when I asked for more), I changed my ankle physio today to shoulder physio (brutal enough = WIN, but not long enough) and then tomorrow, I'm going for Part II of the Korean Painmaster. I've got this feeling of both relief and dread for the Korean Painmaster session tomorrow!

I really just need to make time to do yoga or pilates or as I call it 'some shit'. I just rather spend my time lifting weights, doing cardio or basketball. I know but if I don't make time, my body is going to explode and that isn't pretty :(

It doesn't help that I'm not 100% atm (beginning of getting sick). I keep downing manuka honey and apple cider vinegar and I'm hoping to stave it off. I think I'm doing better than yesterday, so more potions a gogo!


In other news, I organised the FIFA World Cup 2010 sweep at work and this sort of thing excites me far more than it should! I just love it. I ended up deciding to go $10 an entry = $320. I split the price $250 = 1st prize, $50 = 2nd prize and $10 = 3rd prize. BIG BUCKS, I love it. I also have this complicated (well not really, but everyone else seems to be freaking out) Secondary Market Option where people can trade their country for someone else's. You would think that people at a bank would be able to understand the Secondary Market Option a lot better.

Basically, if the trade is organised for $40 or less, $10 must go to the prizepot (increasing 1st prize). If the trade is $40+, 25% goes to the prizepot. I'm hoping that we get to the pointy end and people start thinking 'You know what, I hold Spain and I'd rather get $100 in hand now rather than a 1 in 4 chance at the $250 prize.' meaning that we get trades and the 1st prize pool increases. OOOH YEAH, as 50 cent said, I love you like a fat kid loves cake and I love winning like an AZN loves gambling. I pulled out Serbia. I should probably look to get a secondary trade option from someone who pulled North Korea and at least get my entry money back while I can.

I already have someone who has swapped countries and is trying to tell me that they PULLED the countries and didn't do a swap. WHATEVER, play by the rules or get disqualified!!!! Of course I clearly stated this in the email. I'm worried about people trying to state trades were 'free' and not pay the 25% to the pot. Of course, if someone 'trades' Brazil for free, it's going to be obvious to everyone that you guys are CHEATING THE SYSTEM. I have already made it adequately clear that if you don't register your trade, I will pay your money to whoever is recorded as having the country. I have also stated that if we catch you cheating on not declaring trading prices, I will redraw your country!!


The simple life huh? So how you been? Fill me in like a Craig David song!!
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Week #2 Summary:

Last week didn't work out so well for me - I just didn't nail my nutrition. A combination of not prepping my food at night, just not eating enough carbs (I think) and eating so much sugar (I pretty much never eat sugar - and on Thursday I made a cake for work and got stuck into cake + cream + frosting....I think my body went into meltdown). It degenerated by the end of the week completely. I just had no energy and decided to just do light cardio/play ball in the 2nd half of the week.

The body is a funny can do the same weights/sets as the week before, but you don't fuel up right and you just can't complete the same reps/sets. I couldn't do more push ups, I couldn't feel stronger...I think I was just tired. I felt a bit bad, because I had plans to do WEEK TWO and be on point, but I just couldn't.

I was pretty disappointed overall, and it felt like a 'light' week, but it wasn't that bad really...I did one upper workout, one lower workout, one 45 min stint on the cross trainer (Cardio Coach), played 2.5 games of basketball (0.5 because Wednesday Comp had 4 girls playing - so I got like 15 mins of court time, which is barely worth writing about), played pick up basketball once and shot around casual hoops for about 3 hours on the weekend. Not too bad!

Week #3 so far - well, it's really Week #2...

As Week #2 of my program was a bit of a fail, I decided to start my Week #2 weights again this week. And so far, it's going pretty well. I've managed to up my weights on quite a few things (including the almighty bench) and am slowly creeping up on the push ups.

I am finding the One Hundred Pushups program really challenging. I am unable to complete the days and then do the next day. It takes me a few goes to master doing all the reps I need to do without breaks. I'm surprised by how quickly the reps ramp up - yesterday I had to do sets of 20, 25, 15, 15 and 25 = 100 in total with about 90 seconds of rest inbetween it. I'm throwing in some push ups with my feet elevated just to put more weight and do the upper pecs too. It's so vain, but I like how my arms/chest look after push ups :)

Anyway, it's Thursday and I've punched out so far - both my upper body workouts for the week, my hated lower body workout (one more to go), played pick up ball twice and have done Body Attack. I haven't done Body Attack for ages. I haven't gone because I've been busy, doing other things and Iker went and got married and I don't like the other instructor. However, he is back, I'm back and I'm ready to smash it up. I hate all that plyometric stuff in it (or as I call it 'jumping and shit'). Who wants to do jumping lunges over and over? NOT ME. But some good must come of all the jumping and shit surely?? It's tough going, but I have to love any class which gets my heart rate over 185 bpm. So all I have to do to round this week off is one more lower body workout, play ball on Friday and then I'm just going to shoot around on the weekend.

My Sunday comp is in recess for 2 weeks (we got kicked out of the finals :( ) and as much as I love ball, I'm SO GLAD to have a break on Sundays. The Sunday Comp ran for 20 weeks! That's insane!


My aunty is visiting from Malaysia and she brought us sweet kueh (cake) and I am getting stuck in. My favourite is the buttery pineapple tart. I'm eating those bad boys for breakfast and dinner. There's only a few left though and no more fun food in the house...There's only a handful left and I know I should just stop eating them because pineapple tarts do not feature anywhere in PSFG but I love those little buttery suckers so much.

I have gotten my work food largely back on track. I've also upped my carbs because my workouts/basketball games were dying in the ass and I am feeling so much better. I just make sure to have some sorj/flat bread with my cabbage salad. Yes, I'm back on the cabbage! Mixing it with tomatoes, zucchinis, carrots, avocado, grated apple (sometimes) and a teaspoon of pesto and light sour cream at the moment with a squeeze of lemon juice, lots of pepper and some salt. WOW, pretty exciting hey?

It's a good thing that I'm upping my sister went to order 4 potatoes (or so she thought) but then our fruit box arrived and there was no less than 4 KILOGRAMS of potatoes. That's like 21 potatoes!! A kilo of potatoes usually lasts us 2 weeks. I am having some mashed potato (minimal butter, some milk, salt + pepper) for a mid-arvo snack with some protein (generally chicken breast or kangaroo) and it makes me feel happy and good when I'm at the gym. I don't know how people with no carb/very low carb work out properly? Maybe it's a personal thing, but I just can't do anything and feel strong when I'm not getting my carbs.

For some reason, I can't bring myself to calorie king at the moment - I'm not eating badly, but just the tedium of logging food isn't working for me. I should try and get back into the habit - when I do, it's great to see if you get the right macronutrients. I am still weighing my food. I just can't be bothered logging it. EXCUSES. I hate excuses. What does excuses get you? UNINSPIRING RESULTS. BUT I just don't want to at the moment.


As you all know, I am totally focussed on PSFG. But sometimes, it's cold, I'm tired and I just want to go home. I have been channelling my thoughts down 'WWD12D?' or in its entirety 'What Would D12 Do?'. D12 = Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic's built centre and my favourite current NBA player.

So when I'm waivering about lifting or going to work out, I just think WWD12D? And we know what the answer is - keep lifting and don't make any excuses like GOING TO THE PUB. And pray. He's pretty religious. Fun fact: D12 used to get depressed when he was in high school that he was so skinny. He spoke to God and God said to him 'If you put your trust in me, I will take care of the rest'. D12 kept praying. God kept up his end of the bargain, don't you think?

Fun fact: I'm wearing my Dwight singlet right now...inspiration for the rest of the week!
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I have decided to leave Air Alert/Vertical Leap program til the basketball off-season. I can't fit it in with everything that I want to do. I'm playing basketball 3 times a week and I'm enjoying shooting around casually too much. I don't want to grind through my workouts, so I'm going to scrap it. To be honest, my time/effort will be better spent working on my shot/dribbling, so I will do that.

My goals/affirmations are going average - probably about a B-. Here's why (omitting Vertical Leap):
  • One Hundred Pushups Program - this is going well actually, it's bloody hard work though. I've just finished Week 2 of it (this is about 81 push ups in a work out) and I can do about 30 on my toes non-stop. It might actually be more when I'm rested/not sore - but I was pretty much busted towards the end of the week. Onto week 3!!!
  • 3 hours of cardio a week, minimum - this was easily smashed this week. As I always say, it's easy when you find something you love. I smashed out about 5 hours this week, but about 2 hours of that was just casual hoop shooting, so it wasn't too intense.
  • Do weights 4 times a week, x2 upper body and x2 lower body work outs - Oh boy, this was a bit of a struggle to fit in. I always drag the chain on lower body workouts because I just have so much more fun lifting weights and I have the bright lure of GUNZ to keep me going. I know, I know, I need to do leg work to help with guns. But that's not the point!!! I am loving dead lifts and calf raises at the moment. I am still hating lunges. I really want to master my form on the squat, I keep trying to think about it a lot - but I think I'm doing it wrong. There is a gym trainer (not a personal one) who power lifts (I see him on the weekend with his chains, blocks and foam). I am going to hit him up for some advice next week.

    I just find it so hard to fit in my lower leg work outs. I had to end of backing up on Wednesday night (ie. basketball Wednesday evening and then went to the gym to do weights) and on Sunday, I shot around at a local court with a team mate, went to the gym to do my lower leg work out and then a game at 10pm. Yes, I rested in between. I hate doing leg weights on game day, but I had to fit it in before end of the week!! I was just so tired on Saturday that I took it easy and didn't do any weights.
  • Commit to eating 5 small meals a day - I started the week off well but spiralled into a mess by the end of the week. It was my mate's birthday on Friday, and we went out and had drinks (with a fried chicken chaser), had a pub lunch on Saturday and then out to dinner for the same mate for his birthday on Sunday. I haven't been home enough to think of the food I need to prep. I'm getting there. Oh, but did I really need to have like 10+ drinks on Friday night?!?! My food effort this week was probably about a 5 out of 10.
  • Commit to taking my supplements religiously - I went average with this one...I took my protein shake and glutamine/creatine pretty much exactly when I should have. As for my fish oil supplements, that was a total fail (um, 3 capsules this week). And I took zero multi-vitamins. Oh, and as for the gluggy calcium caseinate powder - I can't find the stuff anywhere in the house?? Where could it be? It has NO OTHER use than to be in the kitchen!!
  • Sleep more - TOTAL AND UTTER FAIL. I THINK there was maybe one night when I got to bed just before midnight. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF? I am seriously thinking of seeing a hypnotherapist about this - has anyone tried one?!

So overall, I am doing all the activity right, but not getting the food/recovery right. I need to get my diet/supplements right - otherwise there's no point working so hard about it all. I have had a total fail today on the diet front too, because I gave blood today and I was just like a deflated balloon after that. I was just so flat and was craving sugar hard. I had a chocolate milkshake, choc chip cookies, mars bar and doritos after my donation and then went on to have a caramel toffee chaser at the office. For those that no me, I NEVER EVER eat candy at work. So at least there's a pretty logical reason for it - I gave away 600mL of blood and my body wanted a bit of sugar.

BUT THERE ARE NO MORE EXCUSES TOMORROW FOR EATING LIKE THAT. Well, unless I decide to give away another 600 mL of blood :)

I read this girl's blog (Fit Lizzio) and she wrote a great post about stuff that she loves about her lifestyle. It really inspired me - so here is the list of things that I LOVE about my lifestyle/choices that I make:

  • I love it when I set up a solid screen on the boys at basketball, and I can take most of the impact without moving. My head swells with pride when the boys on my team ask how much I squat cause I'm so solid on my screens. Oh, and I don't squat a lot at all :(.
  • I love it when we've just played a fast paced game of ball, bull doze the other team, secure the win and I'm breathing so hard at the end I think I'm going to pass out.
  • I love doing weights at the gym, pushing myself on how heavy I can lift and getting my form right. I take secret pleasure in watching girls doing weights all wrong.
  • I love doing more pushups every session, more than the one before. I love being one of the few girls at the gym who bothers doing them on my toes.
  • I love when I do get my food right (both in amount and timing) and I am never hungry, eat the right proportions of macronutrients and train with heaps of energy.
  • I love it when I see a vague hint of a future vision of PSFG. Come on guns, I am ready for you!!!!
  • I love having a nutritious, tasty meal after a killer session.
  • I love knowing that I am better this week, than I was last week.
  • I love hearing about other people who are taking charge of their fitness and are just going for it

How are all you guys going? Tell me about it!!
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Since coming back from holidays, I'm trying to get my head around changing up my exercise program and cracking back down on the diet. I was pretty happy with how things were going before holidays except for the last month when I was sick, tired and just really depressed about everything (you know, the three deaths and all of people I knew, kinda made it hard for me to drag myself to the gym all the time). Never mind - it is a new month, new 3 month bachelorette stint (J went back to the Solomons on Thursday morning) and most importantly, I've got a new desire and sense of commitment to fitness and health.

So, to reaffirm my next 3 months - these are my new goals/affirmations:

  • Complete the One Hundred Pushups program - once I get this under my belt, I am going to go and smash out 100 push ups, non-stop in front of my former trainer who told me that he would struggle to do 100. Whatev, bitch - I'm better off without you. I'm currently only half way through the second week and it's pretty tough. You pretty much do 4 sets of varying different reps with a 60 - 90 second break inbetween. It does mean that already on Week 2, Day 2 the total reps is already over 70. I challenge all the girls out there to man up, get off your knees and start doing proper push ups!!!! If you're doing Pump/Combat, try and do at least one set on your toes.
  • Improve my vertical leap - I'm going to start doing Air Alert next week, which promises to increase your vertical leap 8 - 14 inches. I am NOT looking forward to it, because it's a plyometric workout (plyometric = "jumping and shit", well that's what I call it) and I HATE plyometrics. It pretty much requires jumping/stepping/lunging every second day for 15 weeks in total. I can touch the bottom of the net at the moment and not to say that it will happen, but if I could touch the rim this would make me so unbelievably happy. J reckons that I'll be able to dunk (UM, OK) because he says I have a core of steel that I don't even know about when I set my mind to something Let's see and let the jumping and shit begin.
  • 3 hours of cardio a week, minimum. This shouldn't be too hard actually considering I'm now playing on 3 basketball teams a week (two mixed teams via work and one girls team on the weekend), usually playing 1 'pick up'/informal outside basketball session a week and the Air Alert commitment. Add a couple of Cardio Coach sessions and Body Attack, and I will be laughing!
  • Do weights 4 times a week, x2 upper body and x2 lower body work outs - I was messing around with x2 sets of 20 reps and I largely do x3 sets of 8 - 12 reps. But I've found a program I'm going to try...where you do x3 sets of 8 - 12 reps for the first month, x3 sets of 6 - 8 reps for the second month and x3 sets of 4 - 6 reps for the third month. I'm going to cry like a baby!! But I'm also interested in seeing how heavy I can go without busting my form.
  • Commit to eating 5 small meals a day - with each meal containing the right base macronutrients (ie. carbs, protein, fats). I'm not going to go totally clean and I'm still going to drink / eat out (unfortunately, that's where our society really socialises isn't it). But, it's not going to be like 4 cocktails with every meal, with a pannacotta chaser. This isn't too bad actually, because it's pretty much what I've been doing over the last few months. But boy or boy, does it take a lot of time to prepare all that food for work.
  • Commit to taking my supplements religiously. I started trialling glutamine and creatine, but it didn't work out that well because I stopped training regularly (due to all the stuff going on) and you are meant to take the stuff for 30 days continuously to see if it has any effect. I need to start taking my fish oil supplements every day. I need to take my multi-vitamins. I need to take my protein shakes after training and need to commit to the heinous night time calcium caseinate shake. On top of that, I have to prep all my food. My life is pretty fkn exciting.
  • SLEEP MORE. I will fail at this. I know I will. Especially cause I end up watching Ultimate Fighter 8 at 12am (and it finishes at 1am) almost every night. I really need to sleep more. I am desperately sleep deprived but I can't stop staying up. FAIL FAIL FAIL.

I'm actually struggling a bit with figuring out how to fit in all the push ups, weights, cardio, basketball + plyometrics and letting myself have adequate rest. I've recently joined a third basketball team for Wednesday nights and I think it won't be too taxing as it's only 2 x 15 min halve and we have 4 girls playing (x2 on court at any one time) So I will get 3 mins or playing time probably (ok, exaggeration - but I hate playing with anymore than 3 girls for a mixed team). I am, no joke, going to have to open up excel and draw up a spreadsheet to figure this out. I don't want to overtrain because it will just mean that I will blow up mentally and/or physically. Yeah, and work is full on too at the moment. I think I might even have to (GASP) do before work work-outs, which never usually work for me because I like sleeping in too much (oh, and I go to sleep at 1am cause I'm watching UFC...)

Coming back from holidays, I always maintain the best thing to do is just hit the gym hard ASAP. No easing back into it, just shock your body and let it realise that the fun times are over. The holiday wash up hasn't been too bad - I've lost a little muscle, I feel a bit thicker around the side chubbas and my cardio fitness is gone. But it's not been an out and out weigh gain, no gunz scenario. I must confess that eating 'healthy' is much harder once you have been on an out and out splurge for 2 weeks. I miss drinking cocktails. I miss French cheese. I miss croissants for breakfast. I miss dessert with meals. But, I am just settling back into my normal routine.

The cabbage shredding has begun and yesterday was my first red cabbage salad in weeks! I love it - as a fibrous cruciferous vegetable, it has more fibre and bite to it than lettuce and makes me feel full for longer. I usually grate up 300g of cabbage, mix it with whatever veg I have on hand (tomato, avo, carrot, zucchini), some roasted turkey breast and mix it with lemon juice (to break it down a bit), olive oil, salt, pepper and sesame dressing and split it into 2 portions for work. I added a shredded Granny Smith yesterday on [ profile] spookylolly's suggestion and the sweet tart apple just gave it another dimension. LOVE IT.

I've also got a new favourite snack - I freeze peeled bananas and then I blend one up with a teaspoon of peanut butter and it's like ice-cream. It sounds crazy, but the banana goes creamy, rather than icey - and if you use ripe bananas, it's sweet. If you don't like bananas, this will be a dessert fail for you. But if you do like bananas and miss having ice-cream, I'd recommend giving this a go.

Anyway, it's 4pm and I was hoping Juanzo would be online (but he wasn't). Should look at dragging myself to the gym!
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2 weeks off from the gym and I am carrying a bit more around my middle than I like. Nothing that a one week blitz won't fix (ie. i can see and feel it, but I doubt most other people have even noticed). I have to knuckle down hard and am going to try and do 3 days lower carbs/cals (around 1800 calories) and 1 day higher carbs/cals (around 2100 calories). It's not all that glamorous though - for dinner tonight I had 150g of shredded cabbage, 170g of kangaroo and 100g of chicken breast. I bulk out my lunches with shredded carrot and zucchini. I'm never hungry because I eat all the time, but sometimes the vegetable excitement is a little too much for me.

NO BOOZE either unless it's a) my birthday b) a work dinner or c) our team wins the basketball grand final. I've got a work dinner on 06AUG and it's my birthday next week too - my sis and I are going to celebrate it on the Saturday and I intend on drinking at least half a bottle of champagne.

Things I am going to commit to (even though I am breaking one of them right now):

1. SLEEPING MORE. I am chronically sleep deprived. I know exactly why this is - I work late, I go to the gym and by the time I get home it's usually 8:30pm or 9:00pm. So I eat some food, wash up, prep my food for the next day, relax for like OH, 5 minutes and it's 12:15am. Then I wake up 6 hours later. This is not good for my health, sanity or training.

2. MIX UP MY CARDIO. I am loving basketball and cardio coach still. But I want to keep things fresh before I get bored...I'm even thinking about learning to play touch footy even though I've never played pointy ball sports in my life. Apparently there's a casual Wednesday muck around that goes down in the city and my boss (who plays) reckons it'd be the top place for me to learn. I always get so apprehensive learning new sports, but then when you do, it can take over your life, heart and dreams!!! (Exhibit A: HOOPS).

3. COMMIT TO LEGS WORKOUT. I HATE doing legs. Seriously. Omg, cue [ profile] spookylolly's voice right the fuck now 'If you want guns you need to thrash your legs so you get the human growth hormone'. I KNOW I KNOW. And I do my legs workout but I don't like it and it's boring. I'd take upper body ANY other day of the week. Ha, and in fact I do.

4. TAKE MY DAMN CALCIUM CASEINATE SHAKE EVERY NIGHT. I fucken hate this shit, I really do. It's so hard to manage and despite the website claiming that it can be made in a shaker it is an OUT AND OUT LIE. I tried it tonight and it made lumps of congealed protein everywhere. Then I tried to transfer it to our blender...except the base wasn't screwed in and it leaked all over the bench. Then I used my sister's new stick blender which worked a treat. Except I forgot to put my raw cacao powder in. And now I'm having a lumpy shake anyway. And had to wash three different appliances. Shame this stuff is so good for you. Shame it is so gluggy and such a pain in the ass to prepare which is why I always wuss out on making it!!!

5. TAKE ALL MY SUPPLEMENTS REGULARLY. I need to start taking y fish oil capsules religiously. I need to make sure I do things consistently. I need a good multi-vitamin which isn't Ultivite Swiss. You heard me google ads, which ISN'T Ultivite Swiss. Put that in your ad generator.

6. GET TO 50 PUSH UPS. I'm not doing too bad on this one, I can punch out 20ish on a good day. But I just gotta commit to doing them often.

More as I think of them...think I will order my kettlebell to arrive for Monday!! They're so expensive though...Oh well, with my trainer gone, I have a little bit more $$$ to spare.

Back to finishing my shake and then committing to sleeping...


Almost 2 weeks and my man is home!! I can't believe I haven't seen him for 2.5 months :( Then, we will soon be chilling in Bali together, drinking booze and having a hardcore relax. Can't wait.
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Back from Perth yesterday...pretty tough week on everyone. I've never been to the funeral of someone who is really close to you before. I'm too tired to write about it properly or think about it - but while it's sad and I miss my Mah-Mah a lot (and haven't really gotten used to the idea that I won't see her again in this life), she wasn't having the best time when she left us. I just try to think that she wouldn't want us to be sad but to remember the good things. I gave the eulogy at her funeral which I was so scared about losing my composure at - but I asked her to give me the strength to only remember the good things and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to hold it together. I didn't get to tell the really great stories though, like when she told me 'Mah Mah say, how you say in English - FUCK YOUR MUM, not bad English at all lah'. Ahahahaha, what a legend.

We also went to the casino in her honour and her number came up 3 times on the roulette wheel. We left her chips/Burswood card in her purse when we buried her, so we know where she is. Not bad, we made $400 out of $20! The numbers that came up were her birthday (13) - TWICE in a row and the date of her birth (17). Cue the Twilight Zone music...

All I can say is that to those of you who still have your grandparents, call and see them as much as you can now...I tried to call mine as much as I could and it's nice that when they do go that you don't have any regrets about not having made the effort. Don't leave it too late!

I really feel for my gramps though...60 years (almost) of marriage and now he's all on his own. I don't know what I would do without my Juanzo and it hasn't even been 4 years!! I mean, he'll get a carer 3 times a week and my mum will see him for dinner most nights...But still, breakfast on your own, lunch on your own, sleeping on your own...He hasn't touched any of her stuff and wants to leave it all there (like her reading glasses by the TV and all her stuff in her bathroom) and he says he still feels my gran sleeping beside him - which is really sweet but utterly heart breaking at the same time.


In the more mundane, I've pretty much had 2 weeks off for training due to having some virus and then having to go to Perth this week. I also took 2 weeks off from eating properly and in Perth it was a white bread, buttery pineapple tart, eating out disaster fest. I did Body Attack today and wearing my favourite Nike workout outfit couldn't even help this jiggly puff. PSFG has had a serious set back (I'm hoping some brutal arms sessions will get them back and mean that months of effort hasn't disappeared totally) and as for PCTA...I'd mentally committed to doing it, but now I'm going to have to do a bit more leaning before it can happen.

I was so lost for food today because our house has no fruit or veg in it...I had to buy lunch and not have tubs of snacks with me. It was quite upsetting. I had great plans to hop straight back onto the fitness/diet bandwagon but no food in house + late night at work = average diet + 1 body attack class today. Tomorrow I have lunch at Bambini Trust and then after that NO MORE BETS *does the roulette table action* PSFG/PCTA is recommencing!! I'm even thinking of seeing if I can cut my cals back to 1800...I dunno, my dietitian told me I was allowed a cool 2000 a day and I shoould still strip fat.

While in Perth, I also had a bit of a splurge and bought a Cohen Et Sabine matt silver mini sequin v-neck dress (it's pretty outrageous - human mirror ball or bream, I'm not sure which), a Cohen Et Sabine matt black sequin top with crochet detail and a Won Hundred (Danish brand) black dress with crazy twist detail. I really want some outrageous heels to go with them, but not quite sure where to get them from and more importantly, can I really be bothered with heels?? If a totally sequinned dress doesn't inspire me to keep flogging my ass at the gym with Cardio Coach and PSFG - WHAT WILL?

Thinking of ordering my kettlebell for Monday...exciting!! :)
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Google Reader - who's using it, who's sharing it?

Am always looking for new fun things to read/follow and I don't have any seems a bit sad. I'm only starting to get into the habit of 'sharing' things I like.


The End

Jul. 20th, 2009 10:20 pm
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On Friday:

Trainer: 'If u would like to continue dont worry about paying for this w. U are always reliable and I appreciate that and I know your sick this wk. Sorry again. Hope u accept my apology'

I couldn't be bothered texting back cause I was so sick and more importantly ANGRY. Yes, that's right - I am always reliable!!! Genius!

On Monday:

'Hi, hope your feeling better. Did u get my text on fri?'


Me: 'Yes. Sorry have been meaning to text back. You're a good trainer and I'm not upset. I have just decided to pursue my fitness goals on my own and try a few new things. Will drop your cash off tomorrow.'

In retrospect, it would have been funnier to have perhaps have used '$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$' instead of cash or even 'CASH' instead of 'cash'.

I'm so angry!! But you know what, it's probably for the best because I didn't really need him and he was expensive. I'm excited to start doing things for myself again and reading/researching what to do next. I think I want to try kettlebells and resistance bands next. And kayaking in the summer. And more basketball outdoor hoops. Maybe picking up tae kwon do. And fine tuning my diet so I can lean down further (I'm in ok shape, my fitness is ok, but I'd like to be leaner) and just trying new things.

You don't need people who are 'aiding' your fitness who can't cut you a break when you're genuinely sick. Sure, the guy has got to eat, but you have to cultivate relationships in order for them to keep them going. Professional or personal. I hope he enjoys the last $80 from me - he could have probably got a few more sessions from him.

To the next chapter - PSFG and PCTA here we come. I think I'm going to try it (when I'm back from Perth). I did a trial run today and ate a lot of chicken breast, cabbage and measured carb serves. It wasn't that bad but it wasn't that exciting.

Flying to Perth tomorrow...will be a tough few days.
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I am contemplating whether to up the stakes a bit and for about a month, try and commit to PCTA (Project Commit to Abs) - note that it's 'commit' rather than 'get'. Abs are so far away still!!! PSFG still remains the primary focus. Anyway, in preparation for thinking about committing to abs (that's a lot of non-concrete outcomes there) - I've been researching diet and what you would have to commit to. I pulled out 'Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle' by Tom Venuto and he suggests the super-charged way to do this is low carb/high protein for 3 days (macro nutrient profile for total calories to come from 30% carb, 45% - 50% protein and 25% - 20% fat) and then higher carb/higher calorie on the 4th day (50% carb, 30% protein, 20% fat). I was thinking about trying a real diet crackdown for about a month to see what difference it made to results (with still the occasional dinner out or 'fun' meal). The proportions are similar to other diet suggestions I've read...I couldn't even contemplate doing a no carb or one of those scary very low carb diets. I'd kill myself - NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

I don't do very well on reduced carbs - I'm a carb monster!!! So for the last day or so, I've had excel open (omg, yes, I'm a total dork) and Calorie King open and after a lot of thought and some trial and error, I've managed to put together a 'reduced carb' eating plan that I think I could stick to. I decided to post it here, just to see if anyone was interested and/or what thoughts people had? It's not particularly exciting is it though?

Cut for length and boredom - do you want to see what 30% carb / 45% protein / 25% fat looks like? )

It was so surprisingly difficult - I had to cut out things like banana, apple and carrot to get it under these proportions. I think I could only manage this because I'd still get to have starchy carbs for my 2 morning and lunch meal.

I'm just wondering if I should try it for a little bit to see if it works? I must confess, I feel a little inspired to strip down a little harder just to show my now ex-trainer that I didn't need him. Nothing like spite to help with the progress of PSFG!!! When I get around to finding other combinations that work, I will post up the macros/details for that!!
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I haven't known how to say this all day - but this thing documents all the most important things in my life. And there probably aren't more important people in my life than my gran. At 5am this morning, I got the phonecall from my mum. My grandma (or mah-mah) passed away in the early hours this morning. She hasn't been well for ages. Last night, she was gasping for air (she's been very breathless), all of my aunts, my mum, my dad and the pastor went over. Before they left, my dad gave her some morphine (to help her get some rest) and she didn't make it to morning.

My mum couldn't say much (obviously) and didn't want to call my sister (she just got home from overseas last night) in case she was asleep/affected from travelling. I got out of bed and shook my sis awake and told her the bad news. Gave her a hug and held it together. Went back to my room and I'm so sick, J's away and in the early hours this morning I just cried my eyes out and because of how sick I am, I couldn't breathe and quite possibly felt the worst I've felt forever.

The only thing that gives me comfort is that now I know that Mah-Mah's up in heaven, gambling up a storm at the Heaven's Roulette Table and eating all the food we haven't let her eat forever (roast duck, kiam neng/salted egg, chai poh/salted pickled vegetable) and is probably happier than she's been for a long time.

She had her birthday on Monday, which was the last time I spoke to her. I sent her a giant bunch of colourful flowers on behalf of my sis, myself and J. I was hoping that she'd make it til August, when J + I were going to visit her. But I think deep down inside, she was tired, she'd lived her life and she knew her time was done. I think she really held on for her birthday to celebrate with her daughters and sometimes, there's only so much you can do or want to do.

I know she's at peace.

We'll always miss her, but we'll always know her. Mah-mah was too much of an interferer to leave us totally alone (and that's why we loved her) - so I'm sure we'll always feel her around, just making sure we do things the way she'd want.


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