Jul. 17th, 2009

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After watching your ads with Ponting and Sonia Kruger, I was thinking, wow maybe I would feel better on Swisse. So I ordered some of your women's multivitamins and my god, was I in for a surprise. They are the most vile smelling and tasting multivitamins I've ever encountered in my life! I'm not often moved to provide negative feedback on something unless it really offends my sensibilities - and I just thought you should know that these things are truly horrendous.

I canvassed my friends for a pretty unscientific sample to see if anyone else had tried Swisse and the common feedback was a) hot damn, Sonia Kruger sure looks good for her age and b) Swisse multivitamins are some of the worst smelling/tasting multivitamins.

This is pretty unusual feedback considering that of all the other brands of multivitamins I have tried don't have any real offensive odour/taste to them that cause me to gag when I take them.

I guess there's no real point in having a superior formulation if your consumers can't even stomach the though of ingesting them. Maybe it's the special herbs? Whatever it is, it's pretty rancid.

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By text:

'Hi, too sick to train this week'

'Hey ok, sorry your not feeling well. As a once off, we can do 2 sessions next wk if u want? So u dont hav to pay for weds. Its up to u?'

'Hi, will pay you for this week but won't be booking another session. Thanks'

SENT. LET'S SEE WHAT HE SAYS. I just find it all a bit distasteful!!

Edit: 'Hey, sorry can i ask u why?'

Edit #2: J's suggestion for reply:

"I think you need to be more flexible with your best client, who isn'ta fattie and makes you look good... And now I have lost faith in whether you really care. I'm sorry, it's over. Don't call me ever again."

Edit #3: I haven't replied his answer yet, but he just sent:

'hey if i upset u then i apologise. That was not my intention. i dont want to charge u for weds, thats why i was trying to move session to antoher day or next wk. i know your sick this wk. sorry again. hope you accept my apology'

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I haven't known how to say this all day - but this thing documents all the most important things in my life. And there probably aren't more important people in my life than my gran. At 5am this morning, I got the phonecall from my mum. My grandma (or mah-mah) passed away in the early hours this morning. She hasn't been well for ages. Last night, she was gasping for air (she's been very breathless), all of my aunts, my mum, my dad and the pastor went over. Before they left, my dad gave her some morphine (to help her get some rest) and she didn't make it to morning.

My mum couldn't say much (obviously) and didn't want to call my sister (she just got home from overseas last night) in case she was asleep/affected from travelling. I got out of bed and shook my sis awake and told her the bad news. Gave her a hug and held it together. Went back to my room and I'm so sick, J's away and in the early hours this morning I just cried my eyes out and because of how sick I am, I couldn't breathe and quite possibly felt the worst I've felt forever.

The only thing that gives me comfort is that now I know that Mah-Mah's up in heaven, gambling up a storm at the Heaven's Roulette Table and eating all the food we haven't let her eat forever (roast duck, kiam neng/salted egg, chai poh/salted pickled vegetable) and is probably happier than she's been for a long time.

She had her birthday on Monday, which was the last time I spoke to her. I sent her a giant bunch of colourful flowers on behalf of my sis, myself and J. I was hoping that she'd make it til August, when J + I were going to visit her. But I think deep down inside, she was tired, she'd lived her life and she knew her time was done. I think she really held on for her birthday to celebrate with her daughters and sometimes, there's only so much you can do or want to do.

I know she's at peace.

We'll always miss her, but we'll always know her. Mah-mah was too much of an interferer to leave us totally alone (and that's why we loved her) - so I'm sure we'll always feel her around, just making sure we do things the way she'd want.


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