Jul. 19th, 2009

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I am contemplating whether to up the stakes a bit and for about a month, try and commit to PCTA (Project Commit to Abs) - note that it's 'commit' rather than 'get'. Abs are so far away still!!! PSFG still remains the primary focus. Anyway, in preparation for thinking about committing to abs (that's a lot of non-concrete outcomes there) - I've been researching diet and what you would have to commit to. I pulled out 'Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle' by Tom Venuto and he suggests the super-charged way to do this is low carb/high protein for 3 days (macro nutrient profile for total calories to come from 30% carb, 45% - 50% protein and 25% - 20% fat) and then higher carb/higher calorie on the 4th day (50% carb, 30% protein, 20% fat). I was thinking about trying a real diet crackdown for about a month to see what difference it made to results (with still the occasional dinner out or 'fun' meal). The proportions are similar to other diet suggestions I've read...I couldn't even contemplate doing a no carb or one of those scary very low carb diets. I'd kill myself - NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

I don't do very well on reduced carbs - I'm a carb monster!!! So for the last day or so, I've had excel open (omg, yes, I'm a total dork) and Calorie King open and after a lot of thought and some trial and error, I've managed to put together a 'reduced carb' eating plan that I think I could stick to. I decided to post it here, just to see if anyone was interested and/or what thoughts people had? It's not particularly exciting is it though?

Cut for length and boredom - do you want to see what 30% carb / 45% protein / 25% fat looks like? )

It was so surprisingly difficult - I had to cut out things like banana, apple and carrot to get it under these proportions. I think I could only manage this because I'd still get to have starchy carbs for my 2 morning and lunch meal.

I'm just wondering if I should try it for a little bit to see if it works? I must confess, I feel a little inspired to strip down a little harder just to show my now ex-trainer that I didn't need him. Nothing like spite to help with the progress of PSFG!!! When I get around to finding other combinations that work, I will post up the macros/details for that!!


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