May. 28th, 2010

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I haven't written in here for ages. The usual excuse - I just have nothing interesting to say. I miss J, I go to work, I train, I eat relatively well most of the time...Is this what my life has become? Pretty much! So let me summarise 3 things that have pretty much occupied me recently - being Gluten Free (GF), my totally stuffed upper back/shoulders and my FIFA World Cup 2010 sweep!


One of the things I've been trying in the last week and a half has been cutting out gluten. Not for any digestion/stomach reasons - really it's been pure vanity because I have been feeling so bloated the last 2 months. And I am such a convert!!! I just feel a bit 'flatter' and that's even without my normal exercise load. Can't wait to start training and balling as hard as I was and see how it pans out with the new GF diet.

It has been relatively easy because you can still have a number of other carbs - potato, rice and quinoa largely. I do miss bread, I won't get you wrong - but I've been having pure corn tortillas instead or gluten free wraps. And when I was hung over and I'd normally have toast + eggs, I had to laboriously peel potatoes and make mash potato to soak up the booze. All with a pounding headache. I'm going to try and make some coconut flour bread on the weekend.

I did try millet, but the smell didn't set my world on fire. It was ok when soaked in a curry sauce, but the great [ profile] spookylolly informed me that millet might make me become Goiter Nadz and I happily dumped the rest of it in the bin.

I thought I would miss pasta, but last night I made bolognaise and instead of using wheat pasta I just used rice stick noodles instead and I didn't miss it at all.

I am absolutely loving quinoa again. I fell off the quinoa train because I remember it being hard to prepare and getting stuck in the pan. Instead of cooking it right through on the boil/simmer, I am now bringing it to boil and then simmering for about 10 - 15 minutes, turning the heat off and leaving the lid on for an hour. Perfection! I mix it with shredded coconut and a date (OMG what a treat! a WHOLE date!!), and then I go to work and microwave it. Alternatively, I grate up a few apples, stew them down with water, cinnamon, cloves and a little bit of brown sugar and mix it with the quinoa (and if I have a dying banana, that goes in there too) and some coconut and microwave that up.

I'm going to trot down to the Indian supermarket and the health store tomorrow and buy some supplies to make some GF muesli - ie. puffed rice, rice flakes, pumpkin seeds, coconut, macadamias, currants, linseeds, chia seeds, craisins..I'll melt down some golden syrup and some coconut oil, mix the grains and toast it in the oven and then make GF G's Muesli Mix! FU $15 a tiny bag of GF Muesli.

I have the distinct luxury that eating gluten doesn't cause me any health or digestion problems. So if I do accidentally have some gluten in something it's not the end of the world. Like, I don't freak out about having rice bubbles which technically aren't gluten free because they have malt flavouring on them.

I was only going to try it for a week and then run face first into a loaf of bread. But a week after, I am loving Gluten Free and I'm going to keep doing it for a bit longer and perhaps maybe only have wheat/barley/oats, etc on the weekends? I've read that oats are ok, but I'm just trying to be pure about it for a couple of weeks.


In other news, my shoulder/upper back is so tight. It always flares up when I'm stressed out (which I have been for the last 2 weeks). I saw a new Shiatsu masseuse on Saturday and he was AMAZING. So so painful One of the most painful massages I've had ever and I have a pretty high pain tolerance. Shiatsu is all about pressure points and he'd be pressing points and moving my leg or arm and I'd be like WHAT is going on. At one point he was telling me 'No pain, no gain' and just trying to get me to breathe in or out to deal with the pain. He kept assuring me he was very experienced and that he was going to get results. He didn't even care when I cried out loud in pain!

I knew it was good though when he asked me 'How long have you had a headache for?' - I didn't even tell him, he could just feel it. Kind of freaky. I think he knew I'd been out drinking too because I swear he was applying pressure to my kidneys.

Anyway, I'm doing something wrong....I'm trying to sit properly and stretch more now. I'm trying to sleep on a hot water bottle to get some heat onto it. I've followed up the painmaster with a remedial massage on Thursday (a friend recommended a masseuse, she was ok - she wasn't brutal enough tho, even when I asked for more), I changed my ankle physio today to shoulder physio (brutal enough = WIN, but not long enough) and then tomorrow, I'm going for Part II of the Korean Painmaster. I've got this feeling of both relief and dread for the Korean Painmaster session tomorrow!

I really just need to make time to do yoga or pilates or as I call it 'some shit'. I just rather spend my time lifting weights, doing cardio or basketball. I know but if I don't make time, my body is going to explode and that isn't pretty :(

It doesn't help that I'm not 100% atm (beginning of getting sick). I keep downing manuka honey and apple cider vinegar and I'm hoping to stave it off. I think I'm doing better than yesterday, so more potions a gogo!


In other news, I organised the FIFA World Cup 2010 sweep at work and this sort of thing excites me far more than it should! I just love it. I ended up deciding to go $10 an entry = $320. I split the price $250 = 1st prize, $50 = 2nd prize and $10 = 3rd prize. BIG BUCKS, I love it. I also have this complicated (well not really, but everyone else seems to be freaking out) Secondary Market Option where people can trade their country for someone else's. You would think that people at a bank would be able to understand the Secondary Market Option a lot better.

Basically, if the trade is organised for $40 or less, $10 must go to the prizepot (increasing 1st prize). If the trade is $40+, 25% goes to the prizepot. I'm hoping that we get to the pointy end and people start thinking 'You know what, I hold Spain and I'd rather get $100 in hand now rather than a 1 in 4 chance at the $250 prize.' meaning that we get trades and the 1st prize pool increases. OOOH YEAH, as 50 cent said, I love you like a fat kid loves cake and I love winning like an AZN loves gambling. I pulled out Serbia. I should probably look to get a secondary trade option from someone who pulled North Korea and at least get my entry money back while I can.

I already have someone who has swapped countries and is trying to tell me that they PULLED the countries and didn't do a swap. WHATEVER, play by the rules or get disqualified!!!! Of course I clearly stated this in the email. I'm worried about people trying to state trades were 'free' and not pay the 25% to the pot. Of course, if someone 'trades' Brazil for free, it's going to be obvious to everyone that you guys are CHEATING THE SYSTEM. I have already made it adequately clear that if you don't register your trade, I will pay your money to whoever is recorded as having the country. I have also stated that if we catch you cheating on not declaring trading prices, I will redraw your country!!


The simple life huh? So how you been? Fill me in like a Craig David song!!


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