May. 31st, 2010

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So, about a month ago my mum called me cause she wanted to know how to buy tickets to the Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam concert. Then my dad got on the phone too and asked me to help him get tickets. My dad NEVER asks me to do anything or buy anything for him! Anyway, I was in a course that day so I couldn't get the tickets - however, Juanzo was assigned ticket duties.

Juanzo logged in and got some gold tickets (about $100ish each), but due to the internet timing out he lost his tickets. WIthin him losing his tickets and going again, EVERY SINGLE ticket in Perth managed to sell out. Like even the shitty seats way up the side and the back!

So Juanzo and I were pushed into the dirty dirty scalper market. I don't care if people have like an extra 2 tickets and sell them for a bit of a profit because their friends have dogged them. I think it's an individual choice to flog their tickets. But where you have people buying banks and banks of tickets for insane profits, I get a little bit upset about it.

We decided that my dad and mum do so much for us (and are also sending us their second hand Subaru Outback), so we splurged and got them some AWESOME tickets. Like 4th row tickets. Of course, our dirty scalper friend had to totally violate us for them - so 2 tickets which should have cost us $400 cost us...wait for it....$870. YES, $870!!!

Tickets hadn't been posted out for a while - we followed it up and they informed us that they were in Bali, supping on their fat, dirty scalper profits. Then today, Juanzo gets a message from our dirty scalper friends that pretty much said

'Oh hai! We just got back from our holiday and realised that we've oversold the tickets for Yusuf Islam in Perth! We're trying Ticketek and all our other dirty scalper mates atm to try and get you replacement tickets but we can't seem to get any. We have a spreadsheet where we check all our tickets before we list them but we made a mistake - first time ever...we have like over 250+ tickets on sale though! Wow, really sorry for the inconvenience - but we'll refund your money on Monday'


And I was like WAT?! And more importantly, I don't know how to tell my mum and dad because they are SO EXCITED about the concert. My mum keeps messaging me telling me how excited they are and how my dad can't wait to see his favourite artist EVER. So I'm going o o o o o o o o o o o o o o m g (like an Usher song) and trying to figure out what the fuck to do (haha, largely consisting of asking Juanzo to call up in his cop voice and demand they make it better).

In the end, Juanzo and I decide that the only thing we can do is...use another dirty scalper and buy MORE tickets at an even MORE inflated price (ummmmm, think just under $1000 for 2 tickets now). True the tickets are a bit better (3rd row, right in the centre). I am sure Yusuf Islam would love that his message of peace and harmony is resulting in his die hard fans having to pay more than double what the tickets cost.

The thing is, my dad would die if he even knew how much the original tickets were (ie. face value of $200 each). My dad's done really well for himself but he would never spend that much money going to see someone. If he knew how much Juanzo and I have had to pay for his tickets he would be so angry with me. It doesn't matter though, I'm never going to tell my parents and I just want them to go and enjoy themselves from their red hot, dirty scalper seats.




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