The End

Jul. 20th, 2009 10:20 pm
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On Friday:

Trainer: 'If u would like to continue dont worry about paying for this w. U are always reliable and I appreciate that and I know your sick this wk. Sorry again. Hope u accept my apology'

I couldn't be bothered texting back cause I was so sick and more importantly ANGRY. Yes, that's right - I am always reliable!!! Genius!

On Monday:

'Hi, hope your feeling better. Did u get my text on fri?'


Me: 'Yes. Sorry have been meaning to text back. You're a good trainer and I'm not upset. I have just decided to pursue my fitness goals on my own and try a few new things. Will drop your cash off tomorrow.'

In retrospect, it would have been funnier to have perhaps have used '$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$' instead of cash or even 'CASH' instead of 'cash'.

I'm so angry!! But you know what, it's probably for the best because I didn't really need him and he was expensive. I'm excited to start doing things for myself again and reading/researching what to do next. I think I want to try kettlebells and resistance bands next. And kayaking in the summer. And more basketball outdoor hoops. Maybe picking up tae kwon do. And fine tuning my diet so I can lean down further (I'm in ok shape, my fitness is ok, but I'd like to be leaner) and just trying new things.

You don't need people who are 'aiding' your fitness who can't cut you a break when you're genuinely sick. Sure, the guy has got to eat, but you have to cultivate relationships in order for them to keep them going. Professional or personal. I hope he enjoys the last $80 from me - he could have probably got a few more sessions from him.

To the next chapter - PSFG and PCTA here we come. I think I'm going to try it (when I'm back from Perth). I did a trial run today and ate a lot of chicken breast, cabbage and measured carb serves. It wasn't that bad but it wasn't that exciting.

Flying to Perth tomorrow...will be a tough few days.
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