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2 weeks off from the gym and I am carrying a bit more around my middle than I like. Nothing that a one week blitz won't fix (ie. i can see and feel it, but I doubt most other people have even noticed). I have to knuckle down hard and am going to try and do 3 days lower carbs/cals (around 1800 calories) and 1 day higher carbs/cals (around 2100 calories). It's not all that glamorous though - for dinner tonight I had 150g of shredded cabbage, 170g of kangaroo and 100g of chicken breast. I bulk out my lunches with shredded carrot and zucchini. I'm never hungry because I eat all the time, but sometimes the vegetable excitement is a little too much for me.

NO BOOZE either unless it's a) my birthday b) a work dinner or c) our team wins the basketball grand final. I've got a work dinner on 06AUG and it's my birthday next week too - my sis and I are going to celebrate it on the Saturday and I intend on drinking at least half a bottle of champagne.

Things I am going to commit to (even though I am breaking one of them right now):

1. SLEEPING MORE. I am chronically sleep deprived. I know exactly why this is - I work late, I go to the gym and by the time I get home it's usually 8:30pm or 9:00pm. So I eat some food, wash up, prep my food for the next day, relax for like OH, 5 minutes and it's 12:15am. Then I wake up 6 hours later. This is not good for my health, sanity or training.

2. MIX UP MY CARDIO. I am loving basketball and cardio coach still. But I want to keep things fresh before I get bored...I'm even thinking about learning to play touch footy even though I've never played pointy ball sports in my life. Apparently there's a casual Wednesday muck around that goes down in the city and my boss (who plays) reckons it'd be the top place for me to learn. I always get so apprehensive learning new sports, but then when you do, it can take over your life, heart and dreams!!! (Exhibit A: HOOPS).

3. COMMIT TO LEGS WORKOUT. I HATE doing legs. Seriously. Omg, cue [ profile] spookylolly's voice right the fuck now 'If you want guns you need to thrash your legs so you get the human growth hormone'. I KNOW I KNOW. And I do my legs workout but I don't like it and it's boring. I'd take upper body ANY other day of the week. Ha, and in fact I do.

4. TAKE MY DAMN CALCIUM CASEINATE SHAKE EVERY NIGHT. I fucken hate this shit, I really do. It's so hard to manage and despite the website claiming that it can be made in a shaker it is an OUT AND OUT LIE. I tried it tonight and it made lumps of congealed protein everywhere. Then I tried to transfer it to our blender...except the base wasn't screwed in and it leaked all over the bench. Then I used my sister's new stick blender which worked a treat. Except I forgot to put my raw cacao powder in. And now I'm having a lumpy shake anyway. And had to wash three different appliances. Shame this stuff is so good for you. Shame it is so gluggy and such a pain in the ass to prepare which is why I always wuss out on making it!!!

5. TAKE ALL MY SUPPLEMENTS REGULARLY. I need to start taking y fish oil capsules religiously. I need to make sure I do things consistently. I need a good multi-vitamin which isn't Ultivite Swiss. You heard me google ads, which ISN'T Ultivite Swiss. Put that in your ad generator.

6. GET TO 50 PUSH UPS. I'm not doing too bad on this one, I can punch out 20ish on a good day. But I just gotta commit to doing them often.

More as I think of them...think I will order my kettlebell to arrive for Monday!! They're so expensive though...Oh well, with my trainer gone, I have a little bit more $$$ to spare.

Back to finishing my shake and then committing to sleeping...


Almost 2 weeks and my man is home!! I can't believe I haven't seen him for 2.5 months :( Then, we will soon be chilling in Bali together, drinking booze and having a hardcore relax. Can't wait.
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