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Week #2 Summary:

Last week didn't work out so well for me - I just didn't nail my nutrition. A combination of not prepping my food at night, just not eating enough carbs (I think) and eating so much sugar (I pretty much never eat sugar - and on Thursday I made a cake for work and got stuck into cake + cream + frosting....I think my body went into meltdown). It degenerated by the end of the week completely. I just had no energy and decided to just do light cardio/play ball in the 2nd half of the week.

The body is a funny can do the same weights/sets as the week before, but you don't fuel up right and you just can't complete the same reps/sets. I couldn't do more push ups, I couldn't feel stronger...I think I was just tired. I felt a bit bad, because I had plans to do WEEK TWO and be on point, but I just couldn't.

I was pretty disappointed overall, and it felt like a 'light' week, but it wasn't that bad really...I did one upper workout, one lower workout, one 45 min stint on the cross trainer (Cardio Coach), played 2.5 games of basketball (0.5 because Wednesday Comp had 4 girls playing - so I got like 15 mins of court time, which is barely worth writing about), played pick up basketball once and shot around casual hoops for about 3 hours on the weekend. Not too bad!

Week #3 so far - well, it's really Week #2...

As Week #2 of my program was a bit of a fail, I decided to start my Week #2 weights again this week. And so far, it's going pretty well. I've managed to up my weights on quite a few things (including the almighty bench) and am slowly creeping up on the push ups.

I am finding the One Hundred Pushups program really challenging. I am unable to complete the days and then do the next day. It takes me a few goes to master doing all the reps I need to do without breaks. I'm surprised by how quickly the reps ramp up - yesterday I had to do sets of 20, 25, 15, 15 and 25 = 100 in total with about 90 seconds of rest inbetween it. I'm throwing in some push ups with my feet elevated just to put more weight and do the upper pecs too. It's so vain, but I like how my arms/chest look after push ups :)

Anyway, it's Thursday and I've punched out so far - both my upper body workouts for the week, my hated lower body workout (one more to go), played pick up ball twice and have done Body Attack. I haven't done Body Attack for ages. I haven't gone because I've been busy, doing other things and Iker went and got married and I don't like the other instructor. However, he is back, I'm back and I'm ready to smash it up. I hate all that plyometric stuff in it (or as I call it 'jumping and shit'). Who wants to do jumping lunges over and over? NOT ME. But some good must come of all the jumping and shit surely?? It's tough going, but I have to love any class which gets my heart rate over 185 bpm. So all I have to do to round this week off is one more lower body workout, play ball on Friday and then I'm just going to shoot around on the weekend.

My Sunday comp is in recess for 2 weeks (we got kicked out of the finals :( ) and as much as I love ball, I'm SO GLAD to have a break on Sundays. The Sunday Comp ran for 20 weeks! That's insane!


My aunty is visiting from Malaysia and she brought us sweet kueh (cake) and I am getting stuck in. My favourite is the buttery pineapple tart. I'm eating those bad boys for breakfast and dinner. There's only a few left though and no more fun food in the house...There's only a handful left and I know I should just stop eating them because pineapple tarts do not feature anywhere in PSFG but I love those little buttery suckers so much.

I have gotten my work food largely back on track. I've also upped my carbs because my workouts/basketball games were dying in the ass and I am feeling so much better. I just make sure to have some sorj/flat bread with my cabbage salad. Yes, I'm back on the cabbage! Mixing it with tomatoes, zucchinis, carrots, avocado, grated apple (sometimes) and a teaspoon of pesto and light sour cream at the moment with a squeeze of lemon juice, lots of pepper and some salt. WOW, pretty exciting hey?

It's a good thing that I'm upping my sister went to order 4 potatoes (or so she thought) but then our fruit box arrived and there was no less than 4 KILOGRAMS of potatoes. That's like 21 potatoes!! A kilo of potatoes usually lasts us 2 weeks. I am having some mashed potato (minimal butter, some milk, salt + pepper) for a mid-arvo snack with some protein (generally chicken breast or kangaroo) and it makes me feel happy and good when I'm at the gym. I don't know how people with no carb/very low carb work out properly? Maybe it's a personal thing, but I just can't do anything and feel strong when I'm not getting my carbs.

For some reason, I can't bring myself to calorie king at the moment - I'm not eating badly, but just the tedium of logging food isn't working for me. I should try and get back into the habit - when I do, it's great to see if you get the right macronutrients. I am still weighing my food. I just can't be bothered logging it. EXCUSES. I hate excuses. What does excuses get you? UNINSPIRING RESULTS. BUT I just don't want to at the moment.


As you all know, I am totally focussed on PSFG. But sometimes, it's cold, I'm tired and I just want to go home. I have been channelling my thoughts down 'WWD12D?' or in its entirety 'What Would D12 Do?'. D12 = Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic's built centre and my favourite current NBA player.

So when I'm waivering about lifting or going to work out, I just think WWD12D? And we know what the answer is - keep lifting and don't make any excuses like GOING TO THE PUB. And pray. He's pretty religious. Fun fact: D12 used to get depressed when he was in high school that he was so skinny. He spoke to God and God said to him 'If you put your trust in me, I will take care of the rest'. D12 kept praying. God kept up his end of the bargain, don't you think?

Fun fact: I'm wearing my Dwight singlet right now...inspiration for the rest of the week!

on 2009-09-25 12:01 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
I love carbs too! But i'm cutting back a bit as both James and I want to lose a few kilos (james wants to go down a weight division for his ju jitsu, i want to minimise my muffin top).

It's nothing drastic, i've just decided to stop making rice/potatoes/pasta the main event in the evening meal. it's a good time for it anyway because on a balmy summer evening you don't really want heavy food. i'm going for nice lean cuts of meat + vegies/salad.

I'm a big believer in small changes you can stick to rather than drastic eating plans which are hard work. :-)

on 2009-09-26 03:02 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
ooooh rice/taters/pasta - the king of foods! when i'm training hard, i have pasta for breakfast, so I don't feel deprived. you should try it! i love having pasta for breakfast :D

small changers = way to go. i always say, train and eat in a way you could do for the rest of your life. if you can't see yourself eating this way without going crazy - DON'T DO IT!!

What weight division does your J man want to go to?

on 2009-09-27 10:25 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
I think he is fighting in under 90 kilos at the moment but finding that his opponents at 6 foot + and he is only 5 foot 7! awww a little baby. So he wants to go to under 84 kilos i think. He hovers around 88 -89 kilos so it shouldn't be too hard if he is disciplined!


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