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Once again, only [ profile] smelsworst is really going to understand this, but I'm SO excited about my work team at the moment. We had a bit of a downer last season (injuries, some soft losses and of course, I didn't play for half of it) but although I've lost my power forward, I've manage to pick up a new recruit and I'm excited about our prospects.

Why am I excited?

  • My new recruit is someone I've had my eye on for ages and I thought he didn't really want to commit or play. However, we were short cause of my power forward leaving, so I asked him to fill in. He said yes. Then he showed up to the game in NEW BBALL KICKS. And they were in team colours. And I thought SURELY no one spends $200+ on new basketball boots when they are NOT playing on any other team atm. So without wanting to look too obsessed, I carefully waited a week and a half and then casually asked 'Hey, we're kinda short atm - do you want to play this season? We could really use your size...If so, let me know and I'll order you a uniform and game fees are $X'. Within 5 minutes he's at my desk handing over cash. BOOOOOOOM.
  • I now have two big guys - they're not super tall (by NBA standards I guess - they're tall by you and me standards). One is about 6'3 and one is probably about 6'4. The 6'3 one is used to playing point guard (usually the smallest guy on the team) because he grew up with tall ass friends. So he plays more like a small than a big. But my new big, the 6'4 one, is what we know as a true big!! Not afraid to get in there and bang bodies. My favourite kind of big! ♥
  • With my true big playing, it now means that my 6'3 guy can play the power forward (or 4 if you wanna use the slang). And Mr 6'3 was loving it on Friday cause he got to play more in line with what he's used to doing.
  • My 6'3 is getting more comfortable with playing - he had a bad knee injury a year+ ago and he's been a bit tentative playing. I kept telling the team we had to be patient and he'd start playing bigger when he got his confidence back. I have another VERY unsympathetic team member who was like whatever, when I had a hurt ankle, I came back really quick and I was like 'WHATEVER, you hurt your ankle and missed 2 weeks - that's not a bad injury!!'. A bad injury is one that has you out for 3+ months and that shit takes ages for you to feel confident on, more than actually being physically capable.
  • My 6'3 guy is not only getting his legs underneath him but on Friday he did this sweet layup and I swear his hand was ABOVE THE RIM. You know what that means - DUNKING IS COMING. I would LOVE to be the only team with a dunker.
  • Oh yeah, and my 6'4 guy says he used to be able to dunk in high school too. Imagine having TWO dunkers :D
  • There was this moment on Friday when our bigs grabbed the rebound and the other team was just powerless. And a guy I was on the sidelines with was like 'THAT'S what used to happen to us!!! It's so good having the size'. YEAHHHHHH.
  • With two bigs, it means that our previous centre/power forward can now move to being power forward/shooting guard. This suits these two boys perfectly because one loves playing physically and has a good amount of finesse to his game and the other is a ball hog who loves jacking up shots (and well, he's pretty good at it too).
  • I've been short these two guys cause of injury but both of them should be back for the second of the half season.
  • I have no update on my girls because the three of us are awesome together. I reckon we have the best girls in the comp. Not because we have the best shooter but if you took an average of girls per team, we have the best offensive/defensive girls. I play minimal offense for mixed ball though, my job is to be all arms waving, face guarding, hard screening Nadz.
  • I set the best dirty screen on this guy on Friday - and it was for little reason other than I wanted to see if this guy was paying attention. It was right down their base line and we were inbounding the ball after a basket. The guy did the outraged look around for the ref afterwards because I moved my leg/knee down at the last second to catch his movement so it was technically illegal but because it was right down the other end, the ref was already in the other half of the court. So unfair really.

But it isn't all sunshine and lollipops, my team is playing better together but we have a lot of new players and new positions and that always takes time for us to figure out what we need to do to play better together.

My team still lacks defensive and offensive intensity in the first half. Especially if the other team show up short of players. In our games, teams often score 15 points against us in the 1st half and 5 points in the 2nd half. What does that tell you? LAZY FIRST HALF INTENSITY. We can't afford to let this become a pattern cause the good teams will SMOKE us.

Injuries - we have a lot of players (myself included) who are recovering from injuries and while we are being good atm, I just want everyone to be safe and keep injury free.

And on a personal level, June's been a light exercise month for me and I am really feeling it. I tend to shut down as soon as J man hits town. But as soon as he's gone (next Thursday :() I want to try and get my workouts in, get them more balanced and see how things go. And stop eating my weight in salami, cheese and wine at every opportunity!!
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