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I still have to get my pictures together for my post-Japan post. Wow, 2 weeks in Japan - it's such a great country. I'm paying for it now - broke and fat. But as my mum says, that's what holidays are about.

I've thrown myself back into my routine and I hurt everywhere. I can't even sit down properly at the moment because my glutes and quads are totally busted from dragonboating. I need to do more pure cardio training at the gym because I'm not as fit for basketball/oztag as I want to be - but who has the time when you work full time+ and you're on 4 sports teams?

I absolutely love dragonboating. I love how it's an absolute break from work - it's not like you go down the road and just push some weights around in the gym. I walked from work to training yesterday (right next to the Sydney Fish Markets) - the sun was shining and it's beautiful down there. It gives me this overall sense of just being really thankful of being in this spot in my life that lets me do this. I love that you're working with about 20 other people to do something tangible - rowing somewhere together, rather than staring at the wall and jumping up and down. 30 minutes ago you were at the office and now you're on the water. Two hours later you're aching, tired, generally soaked through, salty limbs and just so pleased with yourself.

All of these sports are making it so hard for me to go to the gym and just do cardio. I don't mind hefting weights around but how can you go from rowing around the ANZAC Bridge at almost sunset, playing Oztag at Jubilee Park near the water in the almost Summer sun, training outside in the Domain and then trying to then find the willpower to slog it out for 30 minutes of interval training on the stepper, inside with the muted Channel V hits on? KILLLL ME IN THE FACE.

My favourite take away from dragonboating so far was something our coach said when we were doing sprint training. We were doing minute sets and she said 'What's one minute out of your life? NOTHING' and I take that with me every time I'm hurting and I just gotta push through.

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yes! one of the things I'm enjoying most about boot camp is the outdoors-ness of it. :) Fresh air, grass, sand, mud. It's not *always* 100% pleasant, especially if it's raining. But when the weather is good it's so nice to be out in it. So much more fulfilling than the gym.


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