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By text:

'Hi, too sick to train this week'

'Hey ok, sorry your not feeling well. As a once off, we can do 2 sessions next wk if u want? So u dont hav to pay for weds. Its up to u?'

'Hi, will pay you for this week but won't be booking another session. Thanks'

SENT. LET'S SEE WHAT HE SAYS. I just find it all a bit distasteful!!

Edit: 'Hey, sorry can i ask u why?'

Edit #2: J's suggestion for reply:

"I think you need to be more flexible with your best client, who isn'ta fattie and makes you look good... And now I have lost faith in whether you really care. I'm sorry, it's over. Don't call me ever again."

Edit #3: I haven't replied his answer yet, but he just sent:

'hey if i upset u then i apologise. That was not my intention. i dont want to charge u for weds, thats why i was trying to move session to antoher day or next wk. i know your sick this wk. sorry again. hope you accept my apology'

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After watching your ads with Ponting and Sonia Kruger, I was thinking, wow maybe I would feel better on Swisse. So I ordered some of your women's multivitamins and my god, was I in for a surprise. They are the most vile smelling and tasting multivitamins I've ever encountered in my life! I'm not often moved to provide negative feedback on something unless it really offends my sensibilities - and I just thought you should know that these things are truly horrendous.

I canvassed my friends for a pretty unscientific sample to see if anyone else had tried Swisse and the common feedback was a) hot damn, Sonia Kruger sure looks good for her age and b) Swisse multivitamins are some of the worst smelling/tasting multivitamins.

This is pretty unusual feedback considering that of all the other brands of multivitamins I have tried don't have any real offensive odour/taste to them that cause me to gag when I take them.

I guess there's no real point in having a superior formulation if your consumers can't even stomach the though of ingesting them. Maybe it's the special herbs? Whatever it is, it's pretty rancid.



Jul. 13th, 2009 12:47 am
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They say that abs start in the kitchen. I've been giving it some serious thought this weekend as to whether I will ever be able to commit to getting abs. I'm thinking that I don't have it. Seriously, maybe I was thinking this after a boozey night out, Italian dinner + tiramisu. But still. I just don't know if I could ever commit to being so strict with my diet to the points where PSFA (Project Sweet Fkn Abs) would even be a vague possibility. That's pretty soft isn't it? But I don't think I can commit to 'giving up' things like bread, peanut butter and milk. I'm not too devastated on this though, because we all know what the primary project is...PSFG!!!

The real test is going to be the next few weeks - I'm going to be really flat out at work (I even went in today) and if I can hold together the exercise, diet and work my ass off, then I know that I've truly made a commitment. It's going to be hard - when you're stressed and tired, the last thing you want to do at 7:30pm is drag yourself to the gym. Anyway, I'm going to do my best to try and hold it together. One of the things I always think about is President Obama - who gets his skinny little self to the gym 6 times a week. And sure, I don't have housekeeping or a chef to keep my life ticking alongg, but if he can make time, what's my excuse??

PSFG continues to roll on. Have made an adjustment to try and do a double bicep set every now and again and then also going against my trainer's advice and doing 3 sets of 12 reps again at a heavier weight. Have also ordered more protein powder/supplements, so I'm back on the heinous gluggy calcium caseinate night time protein shakes (it truly is drinking your medicine) and I'm also trying out creatine/l-glutamine, to see if it makes any difference to my stamina/performance. I think I have show 'mini-guns' though - I was on the court tonight and these other girls were muscling past me to box out. And I should be stronger and boxing out like there's no tomorrow, but I was just standing there like a show pony. FAIL. Who wants all show, no go??

In my most devastating piece of basketball news, I had a total captain fail and told my team the wrong time for Friday's game :( Luckily, it didn't affect our final standing on the ladder. But I was so annoyed with myself because my top 3 hates are wasting people's time, being disorganised and fucking up the details. And I managed to do ALL THREE. My team were so good about it and weren't mad at me at all, but I just felt like such a failure. I think the only thing that saved me is that I am usually a pretty great captain (yeah, there's spreadsheets and yes, I write down post-game reports on the other team so we can remember which team is which). The only thing to do now is to win the title!!!! The grand final is on my birthday, so it will either be worst birthday ever or best birthday ever. Here's hoping!


In other news, I am really missing my man. It's almost been 2 months now and I just feel so lost. The only good thing about all of this is, it's made me realise how much you really care for someone when they're not around, so you can take them for granted. It's just really lonely at the moment. I feel a bit like a Smiths song - you know, 'so you leave on your own, and you go home and you cry and you want to die' - except my version's a little less morose and I go home, cook dinner, wash up and watch tv til I pass out. I absolutely CANNOT wait til we get to spend some quality time together in Perth/Bali/Sydney! It's going to be amazing.


Jul. 9th, 2009 11:57 pm
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OMG, so excited - have just booked in leave at work and then backed it up with a flight to Perth to spend some time with the fam (my gran is not doing so well :( ) and then onto Bali for 8 nights.

We want to stay here:

OMGGGGGG, I HOPE THEY HAVE AVAILABILITY!!!!!! It says that that the Fri/Sat we want to stay is 'on request'. It has a private pool! And yoga rooms! (not that I do yoga) And I can order some Balinese dude to come and cook me a lobster in my private villa!!!

Juanzo and I were like 'Oh, let's have a cheap holiday cause next year we're going to do the NBA trip in the states which will be exxy' and now all of a sudden, we're booking in luxxy resorts in Indonesia which have your own private pool. OH WELL. I know Bali is meant to be a bit bogan - but I've heard there's some really nice bits too. We don't want to do the Kuta thing - just want to chill, hang out together, work on PSFG, drink cocktails and eat Balinese suckling pig.

I really hope they can confirm our booking!!

EDIT: A cancellation has come through and we are in......I'm gonna drink pina coladas by my private pool!!
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Since upping my daily food intake to roughly 2000 calories, I've noticed the following things:
  • I feel a lot better/stronger at the gym and at basketball. I have more energy, the weights seem 'easier' (in the sense of doing it, I am still busting a gut).
  • In respect of muscle, I think I'm gaining more muscle weight Come on PSFG!!!
  • In respect of 'measurements', I do not think I am gaining but I don't think I'm losing much around my waist either..this is just based on eyeballing. I KNOW I KNOW, I should be measuring. None of my clothes fit anymore, so let's just run with that.
  • I do feel so bloated from food sometimes at night, because I'm eating more than normal...But in the morning, this is fine again.
  • I haven't kept an eye on weight because a) I don't have a pair of accurate digital scales and b) I fluctuate quite a bit even when my measurements keep going down.
  • My appetite has really increased - I am pretty much hungry all the time, even though I am eating more than I probably have all year. I am largely sticking to eating every 3 hours and my hunger is under control. But it's at night after dinner that I feel just so hungry. I've got to get back onto the Calcium Casseinate (it's like a slow release gluggy night time protein) which will sort this out I think. OH and the cabbage too. I stopped eating it because I got a little bored of preparing it (the eating it was fine!).
  • I've gone carbo crazy!!! I just want to eat carbs all the time - I partly blame my dietitian for this who said I can have 3 carb serves a day, with 1 serve of carb = 2 slices of bread. So some days I have FOUR pieces of bread (1 for breakfast, 1 for a snack and 2 for lunch for a sandwich) and pasta for dinner and it feels like a glorious carbo wonderland party where the confetti is whole grains and my heart is on fire, basking in the glow of the most glorious macronutrient in my book - CARBS.

It's funny how your body can get so used to something and then you change it a little bit and you just feel so out of control for a bit. I've had a big cardio week and quite unintentionally as well. I wonder if this is tied into why I've had such a craving for carbs and why I feel so hungry/want to eat all the time. As I've mentioned before, I am a big believer in writing down your exercise routines so you can assess what's working and what's not working. At the end of each week, I add up all my cardio minutes and what weight sessions I did to see if I met the bare minimum prescribed by my trainer (x2 arms sessions, x 2 legs and at least 2.5 hours cardio). This week was a bit crazy - I ended up doing over 6 hours of cardio and 3 arms/upper body sessions and 2 legs sessions. It broke down like this:
  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 60 minutes of pick up ball (ie. informal outside ball), 60 minutes Cardio Coach on Cross Trainer and 30 mins legs.
  • Wednesday: 30 minutes boxing with trainer and 30 mins arms.
  • Thursday: Weights only (no time for cardio, did a 10 minute warm up on the rower before weights)
  • Friday: 30 minutes of shooting hoops (mixed ball game was cancelled), 60 minutes Cardio Coach on Cross Trainer and 30 mins arms weights
  • Saturday: 60 minutes of shooting hoops
  • Sunday: 45 minutes of pick up ball, 45 mins arms, 30 minutes of game ball (girls)

It sounds arduous, but because I love basketball so much, the minutes didn't feel as painful as gym cardio minutes. You have to love that. Today was the best (well, besides losing our girls game), I went down to the local court to just practise shooting, but ended up crashing a random pick up game that was in progress and played half court / full court with a bunch of random guys. I love pick up more than normal games sometimes...I like playing with the guys - you learn more, they play 'tougher' and well, I guess you never find groups of girls playing pick up. What a fiend I've become...I remember when I was reluctantly joining a Sunday team and now I'm playing pick up with guys I don't even know. LIVE IT, LOVE IT ♥

I wore my Heart Rate monitor for the first time ever when I was shooting hoops on Sat and playing pick up on Sunday and was really surprised how hard I was working during it. Not quite as full on as a slog on the cross-trainer doing Cardio Coach, but infinitely more enjoyable. Today during pick up, my heart rate got up over 190 and I 'burned' around 450 cals over 45 mins. I think I might try and go down to the courts more on the weekend to shoot around, practise dribbling and rebounding, rather than doing time at the gym. It's nicer to be outside and doing something more stimulating. Even if I fricken love Cardio Coach so much!! It's the best way to deal with a bad situation

Oh, and I thought PSFG was going pretty well until I saw this girl on the treadmill to day and the girl had some serious guns going on. JEALOUS. It's ok though, I'll put it into the inspiration file and pull it out when I want to slack off and stay at home and watch Foxtel in my red Lazypatch doona suit til my eyes bleed...

I think all the food stuff I write about makes it sound like I'm crazy obsessed with my food and I spend all my time thinking about it and not really enjoying it anymore. I watched a show today which called people like me 'over-zealous' - slaves to logging food calories and weighing food. Which isn't true at all. Everything I eat I enjoy, and there are some days when I decide NOT to enter anything into Calorie King and just enjoy the day. For me, I do this because I'm not trying to lose weight nor enter a figure competition so I look at it this way - I like to know what I'm eating and making sure it's on track, but some days you just got to enjoy things so you can look after your head too.

So this week - things I do that other people might judge as 'wrong':
  • I ate peanut butter, with jam on toast every day for breakfast.
  • I pretty much eat avocado every day.
  • I drank several glasses of glorious red wine at a friend's place on Thursday (I don't really drink during the week anymore and I can tell you now that I absolutely and sincerely miss mid-week red wine.).
  • I made a lemon tart for Thursday's dinner - stacked with cream, butter, eggs, sugar - and I ate 2 slices of it on Thursday and Friday.
  • I've eaten 100g of grainwaves this weekend.
  • I bought goat's cheese for the first time in ages and ate some (ok, granted not a lot - like 10g each time! It was glorious though)
  • I ate 500g of asian noodles over 3 meals this weekend.

But, I worked hard this week and sure if I was being 'perfect' I wouldn't have done the above. But I don't want to be perfect, I just want to be happy, healthy and strong. I'm a big believer that if you're sensible, happy, working hard and listening to what your body is trying to tell you, that all the stuff you want your body to do will come.

Today's question: What do you miss eating/drinking?

For me, my top 5 is:
  • Red wine - there is no real substitute to having red wine with dinner
  • Potato chips - OMG, I msis potato chips so much
  • Hot chips - wahhhhhhhhhhh, the closest I get to this is a potato, microwave it til it's soft, smash it, lightly spray it with canola oil and roast it at 200C for 15 minutes. It's actually pretty good, but it isn't as good as chips.
  • Soft cheese - blue brie hole in my heart right now...
  • Friday night drinks - instead of drinking with colleagues to celebrate Friday, I skip the booze and go to the gym instead. My god, this is the training session that requires the most will power of them all...I console myself with the fact that at the gym on Friday night, there is a lot of honk there, refining their charms. Oh hai! How you doing??
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Fucken hell - how come when anyone dies, the 'journos' immediately go trawling on facebook/myspace and get photos/quotes from their friends and bash them into a 'news stories'.

I know, information in the public domain, blah blah, public profile, blah blah blah. To be honest, it's pretty shocking to read most Australian newspapers these days. What I don't understand is when they have articles like 'TO KERR ON THE SIDE OF HOTNESS' and a picture of Miranda Kerr, there are like THREE people credited with writing it. Are our journalists so incompetent these days they can't even manage to focus for 30 minutes (max??) to bash out a few breathy paragraphs about Miranda Kerr at a horse race???


Sep. 21st, 2008 11:34 am
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When I was in Tokyo, my sister sent me a message saying that we should stay in our hotel, make fun of the culture and make no attempt to understand the place we were in and then find solace in a young girl. However, we decided to NOT do that and spent about 8 days in Tokyo. In retrospect, we should have spent more time in Osaka and maybe attempted to go to another place altogether. Oh well, next time.

I want to go back nowwwwww = + about 20 )

Pretty devastating to be back home and at work after all of that. Where to next? J and I are thinking of going to the States next (NY, Chicago, San Francisco?) and then maybe going back through Japan (OKINAWA!!!). We loved you Japan - the people, the food, the sights...The credit card bill was huge (but paid off now!), but sometimes it's better to be broke and happy isn't it?
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We spent a day in Nara - which is the historic capital of Japan. It's pretty much overrun with deers who are dubbed the 'messengers of the gods'.

It was a hot day in Nara - and surprisingly there were more Japanese tourists than foreign tourists.

+6 from Nara )
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Kyoto is always raved about by all visitors to Japan and it''s easy to see why - it lends itself to tourists with stacks of history and things to see. J and I enjoyed Kyoto, but it was not our favourite part of our trip. That said, we saw some very awesome things which were unique to Kyoto.

Dragon fountain outside of Hoganji Temple outside of Central Kyoto. A lot of Kyoto temples are undergoing renovations at the moment, so you can see the construction to the main hall in the background. A lot of the temples in Kyoto do not state that you can't take photographs and you often see tourists snapping away at people praying and the shrines etc. We didn't take too many temple photos, just because it seemed more appropriate to let people do what they were doing and just enjoy these places.

More kyoto under here... )

Just got back from Hong Kong this morning. I have spent so much money in the last month, my feet kill, my wardrobe has expanded, my fitness is gone and it's been a great few weeks. Now I'm just going to be eating baked beans and sobbing into my photos.


Sep. 6th, 2008 08:55 pm
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I've been debating with how much detail to give you on our holidays - I know I've already posted some of these pics on FB, but I also don't have everyone on my FB.

We spent 3 nights in Osaka all up - our first two and our last two. People often say there is nothing to do in Osaka except for Osaka Castle. However, we absolutely loved it - the people were friendly (although they do not speak much English, they make a real effort to understand you - I don't know why people get so bent out of shape about this, it's not like the Japanese come to Australia and expect us to speak Japanese) and there's just this great feeling to the place. It's part chaotic, part people just doing their thing, very Japanese and not as touristy as Kyoto/Tokyo. Either way, we were big fans of Osaka and feel there were probably all sorts of places we didn't see properly there.

Below is the star of the show - Kai-kun, a whale shark from the Osaka Aquarium. It was definitely an impressive aquarium (but we hear that the one in Okinawa is even better - next year, huh?)

And on with the rest of the Osaka show... = +21 )

So depressed that I am back in Sydney.
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Should I go blonde again? It's been almost 5 years...

Will I look too emo? I'm going to have more of a rounded bob with a tail on one side...I found the picture that I wanted today and forked over $15.50 (YES, FIFTEEN DOLLARS FIFTY) for the hair magazine that it was in. I'm thinking blonde under mostly. I always do red and purple/violet is just so much maintenance.

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The weather in Sydney in the last month has been PHENOMENAL. Almost no rain, which has meant that my lunchtimes are generally filled with sunshine and no excuse to stay at the desk, but to pull on my sneakers and go running or play basketball. And after a mionth of throwing myself around, my heart has finally gotten onto the game and I can feel myself feel just that tiny bit stronger.

I've started running with some of my workmates and it's fantastic how everyone's behind it. The fact that I've started a CUMULATIVE RUNNING STAT graph which marks everyone progress in km's and no-one wants to be left too far down the graph may have something to do with it...Regardless, I'm just hoping I don't get sick or get an injury, which is always what happens when I get some semblance of fitness up.

I've never been a team sport person - but I am in love with basketball at the moment. I'm not very good (but I'm better than when I started), but I just love getting out there and playing. I've got to work on my lay ups and I think I might be half all right...I'm playing Tuesdays (half court, messing around with the boys at work), Fridays (mixed Work team), Saturdays (training) and Sundays (all girls team). Add 2 runs a week and I finally think I'm doing enough exercise!

Now to figure out how to get enough sleep so I'm not always so wrecked in the morning...


May. 19th, 2008 10:20 pm
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What is the go with 'twitters' or whatever those dumb ass feeds are?

'So and so is cooking dinner'

'So and so is thirsty'

'So and so needs the bathroom'


Do you use them? Do you read them??? What have I missed?


May. 9th, 2008 02:59 pm
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Burma absolutely blows my mind - I read/watch as much as I can, but it really comes down to the same information we've had over the last few days. The country's had a massive natural disaster, the people are hurting, the government won't let foreigners in to deliver the aid, the aid sits in Bangkok and the world just watches. I watch the footage with my heart all twisted up for these people - I would go and donate money, but who knows if this would even help.

These things always seem to hurt the people who already have so little.


Jan. 20th, 2008 09:57 pm
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I have played so much guitar hero II this weekend on the box, my little finger and index finger have a callous on it.
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There was a guy with a DISCOBALL HELMET HAT at Daft Punk. I tried to convince J to use his authority and commandeer the hat for me. But alas, his responsibility knows no bounds and his love for me, clearly has some bounds.

I am still no closer to being the human mirrorball....



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