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It's been a long time since I've written. I've just been getting slammed at work, so I've been pretty lack lustre. Just a busy time...I wasn't allowed to take any time off work when J was home - except for one day. Other members of my team were away, so I got stuck behind.

I sprained my thumb pretty badly at basketball about 3 weeks ago (final game of my girls' team, Sunday night comp). I couldn't even hold a hairdryer properly or open jars. It's still a bit busted. It kind of put a dent in my weights workouts, cause I couldn't hold weights. Much sadness. But I went last week and it's doable (if a little awkward).

But even if my thumb was working, I have been feeling like I am in a major rut with my routines. Add in the cold winter and I have been very slack with my eating (and oh the drinking!). It's time to wind it in now - it's still fkn cold though, which means my motivation remains low too. Who wants to eat shredded cabbage + chicken breast when it's 15C? Not me. FUUUUUUUUUUU cabbage + the cold!! Hello hearty meals + red wine!

Anyway, I decided I needed to get out of this exercise rut. So when one of my friends posted on their facebook a few weeks ago that they were looking to get enough girls together to form an all girls dragonboating crew and asked if anyone was interested. It's something I always wanted to try, so I just threw myself into it and said yes and I did my first session last Saturday. I was freaking out a bit before I got there but when all was said and done, I absolutely loved it!! Even though it was hard work and I was unco to the max. It was also 8:15am on a Saturday morning 0______O I am not a morning person. Anyway, there was just something really beautiful about being out on the water in the morning with a bunch of people, working together as a team to get this thing going through the water. It seems quite social too (everyone gets coffee afterwards) and everyone was friendly. It wasn't a high intensity heart rate work out but I can tell you now, I've discovered muscles in my butt, back and shoulders which I never even knew I had. It even hurts when I sit down. I can hopefully make my second training session tomorrow night - I can't wait!! They train Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings, so I'm going to try and get to both sessions each week. Tuesdays might be harder because of work.

More than anything, it was a million times more interesting than using the damn rowing machine at the gym. J is going to come along too when he's back from his overseas adventures. Which will be so cool, cause we can get a running start on our weekend and do something together.

Separately, some guys at work need some more girls to play OzTag. I've never played before either - in fact, I've never played any pointy ball sports. But in the spirit of Trying New Things, I told them that I'd love to give it a go. I am also freaking out about passing and catching the pointy ball. I am hoping to get my Benji Marshall round the back trick pass downpat VERY soon. Basic catching and passing be damned. Anyway, wait and see if they need me...I'd love to give it a go!! I will lose my mind the very first time I score a try!!

My other basketball season starts up again soon, so I think my week will look like this for planned activities (provided work doesn't a ss me about):

  • Tuesday - Dragonboating training in the evening
  • Wednesday - Outdoor group training with guys at work - alternates between boxing and running each week
  • Thursday - Lunchtime Oztag (mixed)????
  • Friday - Lunchtime basketball (mixed)
  • Saturday - Dragonboating training in the morning
  • Sunday - Evening basketball (girls)

Which is infinitely more exciting than 4 x 30 minute sessions on the cardio machines. FUUUU cardio machines!

And then I've got to get to the gym and do weights 3 - 4 times a week. I would like to get back in the habit of doing workouts on Friday nights instead of going drinking. 3 - 4 times a week is going to be tricky if I'm doing all of those sports tho...but I guess I can just treat the basketball / oztag more as cardio. I can't see myself doing weights and THEN doing dragonboating though! I am not sure how it will all go....but it should be fun.

At the moment, I've only been getting to the gym 1 - 2 times a week to do weights at the moment and it's been good enough for maintenance/strength, but PSFG prime time is always summer. BOOOM.


I've been thinking a lot about my primary school sports teacher recently. She was quite a cow to anyone who wasn't a superstar at sports. When I was in primary school, I wasn't the best at sports, I couldn't swim all that well and I was shithouse at netball (which was the #1 girls sports at my school). That's not to say I got to high school and I was a super gun at sports either - the only sport I would do competitively was swimming (which I was actually got pretty good at even in my later years of primary school - but my sports teacher still thought I was pretty crap!). But I was ok at basketball, hockey, soccer...I still remained SHITHOUSE at netball though. People at work keep asking if I want to play netball and I tell them hellz no!!!!!!

I often wonder how many kids who hate sports are because of the way they are taught at school or because they had a teacher who wasn't very supportive or encouraging. Which would be such a shame. I could have easily been turned off sport and I could be missing out on all these cool things that I do.

You would think that all this sport would make me feel really healthy. But it actually just makes me feel a million years old. I still love it though. I can't wait for summer!!!
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Once again, only [ profile] smelsworst is really going to understand this, but I'm SO excited about my work team at the moment. We had a bit of a downer last season (injuries, some soft losses and of course, I didn't play for half of it) but although I've lost my power forward, I've manage to pick up a new recruit and I'm excited about our prospects.

Why am I excited?

  • My new recruit is someone I've had my eye on for ages and I thought he didn't really want to commit or play. However, we were short cause of my power forward leaving, so I asked him to fill in. He said yes. Then he showed up to the game in NEW BBALL KICKS. And they were in team colours. And I thought SURELY no one spends $200+ on new basketball boots when they are NOT playing on any other team atm. So without wanting to look too obsessed, I carefully waited a week and a half and then casually asked 'Hey, we're kinda short atm - do you want to play this season? We could really use your size...If so, let me know and I'll order you a uniform and game fees are $X'. Within 5 minutes he's at my desk handing over cash. BOOOOOOOM.
  • I now have two big guys - they're not super tall (by NBA standards I guess - they're tall by you and me standards). One is about 6'3 and one is probably about 6'4. The 6'3 one is used to playing point guard (usually the smallest guy on the team) because he grew up with tall ass friends. So he plays more like a small than a big. But my new big, the 6'4 one, is what we know as a true big!! Not afraid to get in there and bang bodies. My favourite kind of big! ♥
  • With my true big playing, it now means that my 6'3 guy can play the power forward (or 4 if you wanna use the slang). And Mr 6'3 was loving it on Friday cause he got to play more in line with what he's used to doing.
  • My 6'3 is getting more comfortable with playing - he had a bad knee injury a year+ ago and he's been a bit tentative playing. I kept telling the team we had to be patient and he'd start playing bigger when he got his confidence back. I have another VERY unsympathetic team member who was like whatever, when I had a hurt ankle, I came back really quick and I was like 'WHATEVER, you hurt your ankle and missed 2 weeks - that's not a bad injury!!'. A bad injury is one that has you out for 3+ months and that shit takes ages for you to feel confident on, more than actually being physically capable.
  • My 6'3 guy is not only getting his legs underneath him but on Friday he did this sweet layup and I swear his hand was ABOVE THE RIM. You know what that means - DUNKING IS COMING. I would LOVE to be the only team with a dunker.
  • Oh yeah, and my 6'4 guy says he used to be able to dunk in high school too. Imagine having TWO dunkers :D
  • There was this moment on Friday when our bigs grabbed the rebound and the other team was just powerless. And a guy I was on the sidelines with was like 'THAT'S what used to happen to us!!! It's so good having the size'. YEAHHHHHH.
  • With two bigs, it means that our previous centre/power forward can now move to being power forward/shooting guard. This suits these two boys perfectly because one loves playing physically and has a good amount of finesse to his game and the other is a ball hog who loves jacking up shots (and well, he's pretty good at it too).
  • I've been short these two guys cause of injury but both of them should be back for the second of the half season.
  • I have no update on my girls because the three of us are awesome together. I reckon we have the best girls in the comp. Not because we have the best shooter but if you took an average of girls per team, we have the best offensive/defensive girls. I play minimal offense for mixed ball though, my job is to be all arms waving, face guarding, hard screening Nadz.
  • I set the best dirty screen on this guy on Friday - and it was for little reason other than I wanted to see if this guy was paying attention. It was right down their base line and we were inbounding the ball after a basket. The guy did the outraged look around for the ref afterwards because I moved my leg/knee down at the last second to catch his movement so it was technically illegal but because it was right down the other end, the ref was already in the other half of the court. So unfair really.

But it isn't all sunshine and lollipops, my team is playing better together but we have a lot of new players and new positions and that always takes time for us to figure out what we need to do to play better together.

My team still lacks defensive and offensive intensity in the first half. Especially if the other team show up short of players. In our games, teams often score 15 points against us in the 1st half and 5 points in the 2nd half. What does that tell you? LAZY FIRST HALF INTENSITY. We can't afford to let this become a pattern cause the good teams will SMOKE us.

Injuries - we have a lot of players (myself included) who are recovering from injuries and while we are being good atm, I just want everyone to be safe and keep injury free.

And on a personal level, June's been a light exercise month for me and I am really feeling it. I tend to shut down as soon as J man hits town. But as soon as he's gone (next Thursday :() I want to try and get my workouts in, get them more balanced and see how things go. And stop eating my weight in salami, cheese and wine at every opportunity!!
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Since coming back from holidays, I'm trying to get my head around changing up my exercise program and cracking back down on the diet. I was pretty happy with how things were going before holidays except for the last month when I was sick, tired and just really depressed about everything (you know, the three deaths and all of people I knew, kinda made it hard for me to drag myself to the gym all the time). Never mind - it is a new month, new 3 month bachelorette stint (J went back to the Solomons on Thursday morning) and most importantly, I've got a new desire and sense of commitment to fitness and health.

So, to reaffirm my next 3 months - these are my new goals/affirmations:

  • Complete the One Hundred Pushups program - once I get this under my belt, I am going to go and smash out 100 push ups, non-stop in front of my former trainer who told me that he would struggle to do 100. Whatev, bitch - I'm better off without you. I'm currently only half way through the second week and it's pretty tough. You pretty much do 4 sets of varying different reps with a 60 - 90 second break inbetween. It does mean that already on Week 2, Day 2 the total reps is already over 70. I challenge all the girls out there to man up, get off your knees and start doing proper push ups!!!! If you're doing Pump/Combat, try and do at least one set on your toes.
  • Improve my vertical leap - I'm going to start doing Air Alert next week, which promises to increase your vertical leap 8 - 14 inches. I am NOT looking forward to it, because it's a plyometric workout (plyometric = "jumping and shit", well that's what I call it) and I HATE plyometrics. It pretty much requires jumping/stepping/lunging every second day for 15 weeks in total. I can touch the bottom of the net at the moment and not to say that it will happen, but if I could touch the rim this would make me so unbelievably happy. J reckons that I'll be able to dunk (UM, OK) because he says I have a core of steel that I don't even know about when I set my mind to something Let's see and let the jumping and shit begin.
  • 3 hours of cardio a week, minimum. This shouldn't be too hard actually considering I'm now playing on 3 basketball teams a week (two mixed teams via work and one girls team on the weekend), usually playing 1 'pick up'/informal outside basketball session a week and the Air Alert commitment. Add a couple of Cardio Coach sessions and Body Attack, and I will be laughing!
  • Do weights 4 times a week, x2 upper body and x2 lower body work outs - I was messing around with x2 sets of 20 reps and I largely do x3 sets of 8 - 12 reps. But I've found a program I'm going to try...where you do x3 sets of 8 - 12 reps for the first month, x3 sets of 6 - 8 reps for the second month and x3 sets of 4 - 6 reps for the third month. I'm going to cry like a baby!! But I'm also interested in seeing how heavy I can go without busting my form.
  • Commit to eating 5 small meals a day - with each meal containing the right base macronutrients (ie. carbs, protein, fats). I'm not going to go totally clean and I'm still going to drink / eat out (unfortunately, that's where our society really socialises isn't it). But, it's not going to be like 4 cocktails with every meal, with a pannacotta chaser. This isn't too bad actually, because it's pretty much what I've been doing over the last few months. But boy or boy, does it take a lot of time to prepare all that food for work.
  • Commit to taking my supplements religiously. I started trialling glutamine and creatine, but it didn't work out that well because I stopped training regularly (due to all the stuff going on) and you are meant to take the stuff for 30 days continuously to see if it has any effect. I need to start taking my fish oil supplements every day. I need to take my multi-vitamins. I need to take my protein shakes after training and need to commit to the heinous night time calcium caseinate shake. On top of that, I have to prep all my food. My life is pretty fkn exciting.
  • SLEEP MORE. I will fail at this. I know I will. Especially cause I end up watching Ultimate Fighter 8 at 12am (and it finishes at 1am) almost every night. I really need to sleep more. I am desperately sleep deprived but I can't stop staying up. FAIL FAIL FAIL.

I'm actually struggling a bit with figuring out how to fit in all the push ups, weights, cardio, basketball + plyometrics and letting myself have adequate rest. I've recently joined a third basketball team for Wednesday nights and I think it won't be too taxing as it's only 2 x 15 min halve and we have 4 girls playing (x2 on court at any one time) So I will get 3 mins or playing time probably (ok, exaggeration - but I hate playing with anymore than 3 girls for a mixed team). I am, no joke, going to have to open up excel and draw up a spreadsheet to figure this out. I don't want to overtrain because it will just mean that I will blow up mentally and/or physically. Yeah, and work is full on too at the moment. I think I might even have to (GASP) do before work work-outs, which never usually work for me because I like sleeping in too much (oh, and I go to sleep at 1am cause I'm watching UFC...)

Coming back from holidays, I always maintain the best thing to do is just hit the gym hard ASAP. No easing back into it, just shock your body and let it realise that the fun times are over. The holiday wash up hasn't been too bad - I've lost a little muscle, I feel a bit thicker around the side chubbas and my cardio fitness is gone. But it's not been an out and out weigh gain, no gunz scenario. I must confess that eating 'healthy' is much harder once you have been on an out and out splurge for 2 weeks. I miss drinking cocktails. I miss French cheese. I miss croissants for breakfast. I miss dessert with meals. But, I am just settling back into my normal routine.

The cabbage shredding has begun and yesterday was my first red cabbage salad in weeks! I love it - as a fibrous cruciferous vegetable, it has more fibre and bite to it than lettuce and makes me feel full for longer. I usually grate up 300g of cabbage, mix it with whatever veg I have on hand (tomato, avo, carrot, zucchini), some roasted turkey breast and mix it with lemon juice (to break it down a bit), olive oil, salt, pepper and sesame dressing and split it into 2 portions for work. I added a shredded Granny Smith yesterday on [ profile] spookylolly's suggestion and the sweet tart apple just gave it another dimension. LOVE IT.

I've also got a new favourite snack - I freeze peeled bananas and then I blend one up with a teaspoon of peanut butter and it's like ice-cream. It sounds crazy, but the banana goes creamy, rather than icey - and if you use ripe bananas, it's sweet. If you don't like bananas, this will be a dessert fail for you. But if you do like bananas and miss having ice-cream, I'd recommend giving this a go.

Anyway, it's 4pm and I was hoping Juanzo would be online (but he wasn't). Should look at dragging myself to the gym!
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Since upping my daily food intake to roughly 2000 calories, I've noticed the following things:
  • I feel a lot better/stronger at the gym and at basketball. I have more energy, the weights seem 'easier' (in the sense of doing it, I am still busting a gut).
  • In respect of muscle, I think I'm gaining more muscle weight Come on PSFG!!!
  • In respect of 'measurements', I do not think I am gaining but I don't think I'm losing much around my waist either..this is just based on eyeballing. I KNOW I KNOW, I should be measuring. None of my clothes fit anymore, so let's just run with that.
  • I do feel so bloated from food sometimes at night, because I'm eating more than normal...But in the morning, this is fine again.
  • I haven't kept an eye on weight because a) I don't have a pair of accurate digital scales and b) I fluctuate quite a bit even when my measurements keep going down.
  • My appetite has really increased - I am pretty much hungry all the time, even though I am eating more than I probably have all year. I am largely sticking to eating every 3 hours and my hunger is under control. But it's at night after dinner that I feel just so hungry. I've got to get back onto the Calcium Casseinate (it's like a slow release gluggy night time protein) which will sort this out I think. OH and the cabbage too. I stopped eating it because I got a little bored of preparing it (the eating it was fine!).
  • I've gone carbo crazy!!! I just want to eat carbs all the time - I partly blame my dietitian for this who said I can have 3 carb serves a day, with 1 serve of carb = 2 slices of bread. So some days I have FOUR pieces of bread (1 for breakfast, 1 for a snack and 2 for lunch for a sandwich) and pasta for dinner and it feels like a glorious carbo wonderland party where the confetti is whole grains and my heart is on fire, basking in the glow of the most glorious macronutrient in my book - CARBS.

It's funny how your body can get so used to something and then you change it a little bit and you just feel so out of control for a bit. I've had a big cardio week and quite unintentionally as well. I wonder if this is tied into why I've had such a craving for carbs and why I feel so hungry/want to eat all the time. As I've mentioned before, I am a big believer in writing down your exercise routines so you can assess what's working and what's not working. At the end of each week, I add up all my cardio minutes and what weight sessions I did to see if I met the bare minimum prescribed by my trainer (x2 arms sessions, x 2 legs and at least 2.5 hours cardio). This week was a bit crazy - I ended up doing over 6 hours of cardio and 3 arms/upper body sessions and 2 legs sessions. It broke down like this:
  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 60 minutes of pick up ball (ie. informal outside ball), 60 minutes Cardio Coach on Cross Trainer and 30 mins legs.
  • Wednesday: 30 minutes boxing with trainer and 30 mins arms.
  • Thursday: Weights only (no time for cardio, did a 10 minute warm up on the rower before weights)
  • Friday: 30 minutes of shooting hoops (mixed ball game was cancelled), 60 minutes Cardio Coach on Cross Trainer and 30 mins arms weights
  • Saturday: 60 minutes of shooting hoops
  • Sunday: 45 minutes of pick up ball, 45 mins arms, 30 minutes of game ball (girls)

It sounds arduous, but because I love basketball so much, the minutes didn't feel as painful as gym cardio minutes. You have to love that. Today was the best (well, besides losing our girls game), I went down to the local court to just practise shooting, but ended up crashing a random pick up game that was in progress and played half court / full court with a bunch of random guys. I love pick up more than normal games sometimes...I like playing with the guys - you learn more, they play 'tougher' and well, I guess you never find groups of girls playing pick up. What a fiend I've become...I remember when I was reluctantly joining a Sunday team and now I'm playing pick up with guys I don't even know. LIVE IT, LOVE IT ♥

I wore my Heart Rate monitor for the first time ever when I was shooting hoops on Sat and playing pick up on Sunday and was really surprised how hard I was working during it. Not quite as full on as a slog on the cross-trainer doing Cardio Coach, but infinitely more enjoyable. Today during pick up, my heart rate got up over 190 and I 'burned' around 450 cals over 45 mins. I think I might try and go down to the courts more on the weekend to shoot around, practise dribbling and rebounding, rather than doing time at the gym. It's nicer to be outside and doing something more stimulating. Even if I fricken love Cardio Coach so much!! It's the best way to deal with a bad situation

Oh, and I thought PSFG was going pretty well until I saw this girl on the treadmill to day and the girl had some serious guns going on. JEALOUS. It's ok though, I'll put it into the inspiration file and pull it out when I want to slack off and stay at home and watch Foxtel in my red Lazypatch doona suit til my eyes bleed...

I think all the food stuff I write about makes it sound like I'm crazy obsessed with my food and I spend all my time thinking about it and not really enjoying it anymore. I watched a show today which called people like me 'over-zealous' - slaves to logging food calories and weighing food. Which isn't true at all. Everything I eat I enjoy, and there are some days when I decide NOT to enter anything into Calorie King and just enjoy the day. For me, I do this because I'm not trying to lose weight nor enter a figure competition so I look at it this way - I like to know what I'm eating and making sure it's on track, but some days you just got to enjoy things so you can look after your head too.

So this week - things I do that other people might judge as 'wrong':
  • I ate peanut butter, with jam on toast every day for breakfast.
  • I pretty much eat avocado every day.
  • I drank several glasses of glorious red wine at a friend's place on Thursday (I don't really drink during the week anymore and I can tell you now that I absolutely and sincerely miss mid-week red wine.).
  • I made a lemon tart for Thursday's dinner - stacked with cream, butter, eggs, sugar - and I ate 2 slices of it on Thursday and Friday.
  • I've eaten 100g of grainwaves this weekend.
  • I bought goat's cheese for the first time in ages and ate some (ok, granted not a lot - like 10g each time! It was glorious though)
  • I ate 500g of asian noodles over 3 meals this weekend.

But, I worked hard this week and sure if I was being 'perfect' I wouldn't have done the above. But I don't want to be perfect, I just want to be happy, healthy and strong. I'm a big believer that if you're sensible, happy, working hard and listening to what your body is trying to tell you, that all the stuff you want your body to do will come.

Today's question: What do you miss eating/drinking?

For me, my top 5 is:
  • Red wine - there is no real substitute to having red wine with dinner
  • Potato chips - OMG, I msis potato chips so much
  • Hot chips - wahhhhhhhhhhh, the closest I get to this is a potato, microwave it til it's soft, smash it, lightly spray it with canola oil and roast it at 200C for 15 minutes. It's actually pretty good, but it isn't as good as chips.
  • Soft cheese - blue brie hole in my heart right now...
  • Friday night drinks - instead of drinking with colleagues to celebrate Friday, I skip the booze and go to the gym instead. My god, this is the training session that requires the most will power of them all...I console myself with the fact that at the gym on Friday night, there is a lot of honk there, refining their charms. Oh hai! How you doing??
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The weather in Sydney in the last month has been PHENOMENAL. Almost no rain, which has meant that my lunchtimes are generally filled with sunshine and no excuse to stay at the desk, but to pull on my sneakers and go running or play basketball. And after a mionth of throwing myself around, my heart has finally gotten onto the game and I can feel myself feel just that tiny bit stronger.

I've started running with some of my workmates and it's fantastic how everyone's behind it. The fact that I've started a CUMULATIVE RUNNING STAT graph which marks everyone progress in km's and no-one wants to be left too far down the graph may have something to do with it...Regardless, I'm just hoping I don't get sick or get an injury, which is always what happens when I get some semblance of fitness up.

I've never been a team sport person - but I am in love with basketball at the moment. I'm not very good (but I'm better than when I started), but I just love getting out there and playing. I've got to work on my lay ups and I think I might be half all right...I'm playing Tuesdays (half court, messing around with the boys at work), Fridays (mixed Work team), Saturdays (training) and Sundays (all girls team). Add 2 runs a week and I finally think I'm doing enough exercise!

Now to figure out how to get enough sleep so I'm not always so wrecked in the morning...


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