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I haven't written in here for ages. The usual excuse - I just have nothing interesting to say. I miss J, I go to work, I train, I eat relatively well most of the time...Is this what my life has become? Pretty much! So let me summarise 3 things that have pretty much occupied me recently - being Gluten Free (GF), my totally stuffed upper back/shoulders and my FIFA World Cup 2010 sweep!


One of the things I've been trying in the last week and a half has been cutting out gluten. Not for any digestion/stomach reasons - really it's been pure vanity because I have been feeling so bloated the last 2 months. And I am such a convert!!! I just feel a bit 'flatter' and that's even without my normal exercise load. Can't wait to start training and balling as hard as I was and see how it pans out with the new GF diet.

It has been relatively easy because you can still have a number of other carbs - potato, rice and quinoa largely. I do miss bread, I won't get you wrong - but I've been having pure corn tortillas instead or gluten free wraps. And when I was hung over and I'd normally have toast + eggs, I had to laboriously peel potatoes and make mash potato to soak up the booze. All with a pounding headache. I'm going to try and make some coconut flour bread on the weekend.

I did try millet, but the smell didn't set my world on fire. It was ok when soaked in a curry sauce, but the great [ profile] spookylolly informed me that millet might make me become Goiter Nadz and I happily dumped the rest of it in the bin.

I thought I would miss pasta, but last night I made bolognaise and instead of using wheat pasta I just used rice stick noodles instead and I didn't miss it at all.

I am absolutely loving quinoa again. I fell off the quinoa train because I remember it being hard to prepare and getting stuck in the pan. Instead of cooking it right through on the boil/simmer, I am now bringing it to boil and then simmering for about 10 - 15 minutes, turning the heat off and leaving the lid on for an hour. Perfection! I mix it with shredded coconut and a date (OMG what a treat! a WHOLE date!!), and then I go to work and microwave it. Alternatively, I grate up a few apples, stew them down with water, cinnamon, cloves and a little bit of brown sugar and mix it with the quinoa (and if I have a dying banana, that goes in there too) and some coconut and microwave that up.

I'm going to trot down to the Indian supermarket and the health store tomorrow and buy some supplies to make some GF muesli - ie. puffed rice, rice flakes, pumpkin seeds, coconut, macadamias, currants, linseeds, chia seeds, craisins..I'll melt down some golden syrup and some coconut oil, mix the grains and toast it in the oven and then make GF G's Muesli Mix! FU $15 a tiny bag of GF Muesli.

I have the distinct luxury that eating gluten doesn't cause me any health or digestion problems. So if I do accidentally have some gluten in something it's not the end of the world. Like, I don't freak out about having rice bubbles which technically aren't gluten free because they have malt flavouring on them.

I was only going to try it for a week and then run face first into a loaf of bread. But a week after, I am loving Gluten Free and I'm going to keep doing it for a bit longer and perhaps maybe only have wheat/barley/oats, etc on the weekends? I've read that oats are ok, but I'm just trying to be pure about it for a couple of weeks.


In other news, my shoulder/upper back is so tight. It always flares up when I'm stressed out (which I have been for the last 2 weeks). I saw a new Shiatsu masseuse on Saturday and he was AMAZING. So so painful One of the most painful massages I've had ever and I have a pretty high pain tolerance. Shiatsu is all about pressure points and he'd be pressing points and moving my leg or arm and I'd be like WHAT is going on. At one point he was telling me 'No pain, no gain' and just trying to get me to breathe in or out to deal with the pain. He kept assuring me he was very experienced and that he was going to get results. He didn't even care when I cried out loud in pain!

I knew it was good though when he asked me 'How long have you had a headache for?' - I didn't even tell him, he could just feel it. Kind of freaky. I think he knew I'd been out drinking too because I swear he was applying pressure to my kidneys.

Anyway, I'm doing something wrong....I'm trying to sit properly and stretch more now. I'm trying to sleep on a hot water bottle to get some heat onto it. I've followed up the painmaster with a remedial massage on Thursday (a friend recommended a masseuse, she was ok - she wasn't brutal enough tho, even when I asked for more), I changed my ankle physio today to shoulder physio (brutal enough = WIN, but not long enough) and then tomorrow, I'm going for Part II of the Korean Painmaster. I've got this feeling of both relief and dread for the Korean Painmaster session tomorrow!

I really just need to make time to do yoga or pilates or as I call it 'some shit'. I just rather spend my time lifting weights, doing cardio or basketball. I know but if I don't make time, my body is going to explode and that isn't pretty :(

It doesn't help that I'm not 100% atm (beginning of getting sick). I keep downing manuka honey and apple cider vinegar and I'm hoping to stave it off. I think I'm doing better than yesterday, so more potions a gogo!


In other news, I organised the FIFA World Cup 2010 sweep at work and this sort of thing excites me far more than it should! I just love it. I ended up deciding to go $10 an entry = $320. I split the price $250 = 1st prize, $50 = 2nd prize and $10 = 3rd prize. BIG BUCKS, I love it. I also have this complicated (well not really, but everyone else seems to be freaking out) Secondary Market Option where people can trade their country for someone else's. You would think that people at a bank would be able to understand the Secondary Market Option a lot better.

Basically, if the trade is organised for $40 or less, $10 must go to the prizepot (increasing 1st prize). If the trade is $40+, 25% goes to the prizepot. I'm hoping that we get to the pointy end and people start thinking 'You know what, I hold Spain and I'd rather get $100 in hand now rather than a 1 in 4 chance at the $250 prize.' meaning that we get trades and the 1st prize pool increases. OOOH YEAH, as 50 cent said, I love you like a fat kid loves cake and I love winning like an AZN loves gambling. I pulled out Serbia. I should probably look to get a secondary trade option from someone who pulled North Korea and at least get my entry money back while I can.

I already have someone who has swapped countries and is trying to tell me that they PULLED the countries and didn't do a swap. WHATEVER, play by the rules or get disqualified!!!! Of course I clearly stated this in the email. I'm worried about people trying to state trades were 'free' and not pay the 25% to the pot. Of course, if someone 'trades' Brazil for free, it's going to be obvious to everyone that you guys are CHEATING THE SYSTEM. I have already made it adequately clear that if you don't register your trade, I will pay your money to whoever is recorded as having the country. I have also stated that if we catch you cheating on not declaring trading prices, I will redraw your country!!


The simple life huh? So how you been? Fill me in like a Craig David song!!
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Back from Perth yesterday...pretty tough week on everyone. I've never been to the funeral of someone who is really close to you before. I'm too tired to write about it properly or think about it - but while it's sad and I miss my Mah-Mah a lot (and haven't really gotten used to the idea that I won't see her again in this life), she wasn't having the best time when she left us. I just try to think that she wouldn't want us to be sad but to remember the good things. I gave the eulogy at her funeral which I was so scared about losing my composure at - but I asked her to give me the strength to only remember the good things and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to hold it together. I didn't get to tell the really great stories though, like when she told me 'Mah Mah say, how you say in English - FUCK YOUR MUM, not bad English at all lah'. Ahahahaha, what a legend.

We also went to the casino in her honour and her number came up 3 times on the roulette wheel. We left her chips/Burswood card in her purse when we buried her, so we know where she is. Not bad, we made $400 out of $20! The numbers that came up were her birthday (13) - TWICE in a row and the date of her birth (17). Cue the Twilight Zone music...

All I can say is that to those of you who still have your grandparents, call and see them as much as you can now...I tried to call mine as much as I could and it's nice that when they do go that you don't have any regrets about not having made the effort. Don't leave it too late!

I really feel for my gramps though...60 years (almost) of marriage and now he's all on his own. I don't know what I would do without my Juanzo and it hasn't even been 4 years!! I mean, he'll get a carer 3 times a week and my mum will see him for dinner most nights...But still, breakfast on your own, lunch on your own, sleeping on your own...He hasn't touched any of her stuff and wants to leave it all there (like her reading glasses by the TV and all her stuff in her bathroom) and he says he still feels my gran sleeping beside him - which is really sweet but utterly heart breaking at the same time.


In the more mundane, I've pretty much had 2 weeks off for training due to having some virus and then having to go to Perth this week. I also took 2 weeks off from eating properly and in Perth it was a white bread, buttery pineapple tart, eating out disaster fest. I did Body Attack today and wearing my favourite Nike workout outfit couldn't even help this jiggly puff. PSFG has had a serious set back (I'm hoping some brutal arms sessions will get them back and mean that months of effort hasn't disappeared totally) and as for PCTA...I'd mentally committed to doing it, but now I'm going to have to do a bit more leaning before it can happen.

I was so lost for food today because our house has no fruit or veg in it...I had to buy lunch and not have tubs of snacks with me. It was quite upsetting. I had great plans to hop straight back onto the fitness/diet bandwagon but no food in house + late night at work = average diet + 1 body attack class today. Tomorrow I have lunch at Bambini Trust and then after that NO MORE BETS *does the roulette table action* PSFG/PCTA is recommencing!! I'm even thinking of seeing if I can cut my cals back to 1800...I dunno, my dietitian told me I was allowed a cool 2000 a day and I shoould still strip fat.

While in Perth, I also had a bit of a splurge and bought a Cohen Et Sabine matt silver mini sequin v-neck dress (it's pretty outrageous - human mirror ball or bream, I'm not sure which), a Cohen Et Sabine matt black sequin top with crochet detail and a Won Hundred (Danish brand) black dress with crazy twist detail. I really want some outrageous heels to go with them, but not quite sure where to get them from and more importantly, can I really be bothered with heels?? If a totally sequinned dress doesn't inspire me to keep flogging my ass at the gym with Cardio Coach and PSFG - WHAT WILL?

Thinking of ordering my kettlebell for Monday...exciting!! :)
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I am contemplating whether to up the stakes a bit and for about a month, try and commit to PCTA (Project Commit to Abs) - note that it's 'commit' rather than 'get'. Abs are so far away still!!! PSFG still remains the primary focus. Anyway, in preparation for thinking about committing to abs (that's a lot of non-concrete outcomes there) - I've been researching diet and what you would have to commit to. I pulled out 'Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle' by Tom Venuto and he suggests the super-charged way to do this is low carb/high protein for 3 days (macro nutrient profile for total calories to come from 30% carb, 45% - 50% protein and 25% - 20% fat) and then higher carb/higher calorie on the 4th day (50% carb, 30% protein, 20% fat). I was thinking about trying a real diet crackdown for about a month to see what difference it made to results (with still the occasional dinner out or 'fun' meal). The proportions are similar to other diet suggestions I've read...I couldn't even contemplate doing a no carb or one of those scary very low carb diets. I'd kill myself - NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

I don't do very well on reduced carbs - I'm a carb monster!!! So for the last day or so, I've had excel open (omg, yes, I'm a total dork) and Calorie King open and after a lot of thought and some trial and error, I've managed to put together a 'reduced carb' eating plan that I think I could stick to. I decided to post it here, just to see if anyone was interested and/or what thoughts people had? It's not particularly exciting is it though?

Cut for length and boredom - do you want to see what 30% carb / 45% protein / 25% fat looks like? )

It was so surprisingly difficult - I had to cut out things like banana, apple and carrot to get it under these proportions. I think I could only manage this because I'd still get to have starchy carbs for my 2 morning and lunch meal.

I'm just wondering if I should try it for a little bit to see if it works? I must confess, I feel a little inspired to strip down a little harder just to show my now ex-trainer that I didn't need him. Nothing like spite to help with the progress of PSFG!!! When I get around to finding other combinations that work, I will post up the macros/details for that!!


Jul. 13th, 2009 12:47 am
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They say that abs start in the kitchen. I've been giving it some serious thought this weekend as to whether I will ever be able to commit to getting abs. I'm thinking that I don't have it. Seriously, maybe I was thinking this after a boozey night out, Italian dinner + tiramisu. But still. I just don't know if I could ever commit to being so strict with my diet to the points where PSFA (Project Sweet Fkn Abs) would even be a vague possibility. That's pretty soft isn't it? But I don't think I can commit to 'giving up' things like bread, peanut butter and milk. I'm not too devastated on this though, because we all know what the primary project is...PSFG!!!

The real test is going to be the next few weeks - I'm going to be really flat out at work (I even went in today) and if I can hold together the exercise, diet and work my ass off, then I know that I've truly made a commitment. It's going to be hard - when you're stressed and tired, the last thing you want to do at 7:30pm is drag yourself to the gym. Anyway, I'm going to do my best to try and hold it together. One of the things I always think about is President Obama - who gets his skinny little self to the gym 6 times a week. And sure, I don't have housekeeping or a chef to keep my life ticking alongg, but if he can make time, what's my excuse??

PSFG continues to roll on. Have made an adjustment to try and do a double bicep set every now and again and then also going against my trainer's advice and doing 3 sets of 12 reps again at a heavier weight. Have also ordered more protein powder/supplements, so I'm back on the heinous gluggy calcium caseinate night time protein shakes (it truly is drinking your medicine) and I'm also trying out creatine/l-glutamine, to see if it makes any difference to my stamina/performance. I think I have show 'mini-guns' though - I was on the court tonight and these other girls were muscling past me to box out. And I should be stronger and boxing out like there's no tomorrow, but I was just standing there like a show pony. FAIL. Who wants all show, no go??

In my most devastating piece of basketball news, I had a total captain fail and told my team the wrong time for Friday's game :( Luckily, it didn't affect our final standing on the ladder. But I was so annoyed with myself because my top 3 hates are wasting people's time, being disorganised and fucking up the details. And I managed to do ALL THREE. My team were so good about it and weren't mad at me at all, but I just felt like such a failure. I think the only thing that saved me is that I am usually a pretty great captain (yeah, there's spreadsheets and yes, I write down post-game reports on the other team so we can remember which team is which). The only thing to do now is to win the title!!!! The grand final is on my birthday, so it will either be worst birthday ever or best birthday ever. Here's hoping!


In other news, I am really missing my man. It's almost been 2 months now and I just feel so lost. The only good thing about all of this is, it's made me realise how much you really care for someone when they're not around, so you can take them for granted. It's just really lonely at the moment. I feel a bit like a Smiths song - you know, 'so you leave on your own, and you go home and you cry and you want to die' - except my version's a little less morose and I go home, cook dinner, wash up and watch tv til I pass out. I absolutely CANNOT wait til we get to spend some quality time together in Perth/Bali/Sydney! It's going to be amazing.
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Since upping my daily food intake to roughly 2000 calories, I've noticed the following things:
  • I feel a lot better/stronger at the gym and at basketball. I have more energy, the weights seem 'easier' (in the sense of doing it, I am still busting a gut).
  • In respect of muscle, I think I'm gaining more muscle weight Come on PSFG!!!
  • In respect of 'measurements', I do not think I am gaining but I don't think I'm losing much around my waist either..this is just based on eyeballing. I KNOW I KNOW, I should be measuring. None of my clothes fit anymore, so let's just run with that.
  • I do feel so bloated from food sometimes at night, because I'm eating more than normal...But in the morning, this is fine again.
  • I haven't kept an eye on weight because a) I don't have a pair of accurate digital scales and b) I fluctuate quite a bit even when my measurements keep going down.
  • My appetite has really increased - I am pretty much hungry all the time, even though I am eating more than I probably have all year. I am largely sticking to eating every 3 hours and my hunger is under control. But it's at night after dinner that I feel just so hungry. I've got to get back onto the Calcium Casseinate (it's like a slow release gluggy night time protein) which will sort this out I think. OH and the cabbage too. I stopped eating it because I got a little bored of preparing it (the eating it was fine!).
  • I've gone carbo crazy!!! I just want to eat carbs all the time - I partly blame my dietitian for this who said I can have 3 carb serves a day, with 1 serve of carb = 2 slices of bread. So some days I have FOUR pieces of bread (1 for breakfast, 1 for a snack and 2 for lunch for a sandwich) and pasta for dinner and it feels like a glorious carbo wonderland party where the confetti is whole grains and my heart is on fire, basking in the glow of the most glorious macronutrient in my book - CARBS.

It's funny how your body can get so used to something and then you change it a little bit and you just feel so out of control for a bit. I've had a big cardio week and quite unintentionally as well. I wonder if this is tied into why I've had such a craving for carbs and why I feel so hungry/want to eat all the time. As I've mentioned before, I am a big believer in writing down your exercise routines so you can assess what's working and what's not working. At the end of each week, I add up all my cardio minutes and what weight sessions I did to see if I met the bare minimum prescribed by my trainer (x2 arms sessions, x 2 legs and at least 2.5 hours cardio). This week was a bit crazy - I ended up doing over 6 hours of cardio and 3 arms/upper body sessions and 2 legs sessions. It broke down like this:
  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 60 minutes of pick up ball (ie. informal outside ball), 60 minutes Cardio Coach on Cross Trainer and 30 mins legs.
  • Wednesday: 30 minutes boxing with trainer and 30 mins arms.
  • Thursday: Weights only (no time for cardio, did a 10 minute warm up on the rower before weights)
  • Friday: 30 minutes of shooting hoops (mixed ball game was cancelled), 60 minutes Cardio Coach on Cross Trainer and 30 mins arms weights
  • Saturday: 60 minutes of shooting hoops
  • Sunday: 45 minutes of pick up ball, 45 mins arms, 30 minutes of game ball (girls)

It sounds arduous, but because I love basketball so much, the minutes didn't feel as painful as gym cardio minutes. You have to love that. Today was the best (well, besides losing our girls game), I went down to the local court to just practise shooting, but ended up crashing a random pick up game that was in progress and played half court / full court with a bunch of random guys. I love pick up more than normal games sometimes...I like playing with the guys - you learn more, they play 'tougher' and well, I guess you never find groups of girls playing pick up. What a fiend I've become...I remember when I was reluctantly joining a Sunday team and now I'm playing pick up with guys I don't even know. LIVE IT, LOVE IT ♥

I wore my Heart Rate monitor for the first time ever when I was shooting hoops on Sat and playing pick up on Sunday and was really surprised how hard I was working during it. Not quite as full on as a slog on the cross-trainer doing Cardio Coach, but infinitely more enjoyable. Today during pick up, my heart rate got up over 190 and I 'burned' around 450 cals over 45 mins. I think I might try and go down to the courts more on the weekend to shoot around, practise dribbling and rebounding, rather than doing time at the gym. It's nicer to be outside and doing something more stimulating. Even if I fricken love Cardio Coach so much!! It's the best way to deal with a bad situation

Oh, and I thought PSFG was going pretty well until I saw this girl on the treadmill to day and the girl had some serious guns going on. JEALOUS. It's ok though, I'll put it into the inspiration file and pull it out when I want to slack off and stay at home and watch Foxtel in my red Lazypatch doona suit til my eyes bleed...

I think all the food stuff I write about makes it sound like I'm crazy obsessed with my food and I spend all my time thinking about it and not really enjoying it anymore. I watched a show today which called people like me 'over-zealous' - slaves to logging food calories and weighing food. Which isn't true at all. Everything I eat I enjoy, and there are some days when I decide NOT to enter anything into Calorie King and just enjoy the day. For me, I do this because I'm not trying to lose weight nor enter a figure competition so I look at it this way - I like to know what I'm eating and making sure it's on track, but some days you just got to enjoy things so you can look after your head too.

So this week - things I do that other people might judge as 'wrong':
  • I ate peanut butter, with jam on toast every day for breakfast.
  • I pretty much eat avocado every day.
  • I drank several glasses of glorious red wine at a friend's place on Thursday (I don't really drink during the week anymore and I can tell you now that I absolutely and sincerely miss mid-week red wine.).
  • I made a lemon tart for Thursday's dinner - stacked with cream, butter, eggs, sugar - and I ate 2 slices of it on Thursday and Friday.
  • I've eaten 100g of grainwaves this weekend.
  • I bought goat's cheese for the first time in ages and ate some (ok, granted not a lot - like 10g each time! It was glorious though)
  • I ate 500g of asian noodles over 3 meals this weekend.

But, I worked hard this week and sure if I was being 'perfect' I wouldn't have done the above. But I don't want to be perfect, I just want to be happy, healthy and strong. I'm a big believer that if you're sensible, happy, working hard and listening to what your body is trying to tell you, that all the stuff you want your body to do will come.

Today's question: What do you miss eating/drinking?

For me, my top 5 is:
  • Red wine - there is no real substitute to having red wine with dinner
  • Potato chips - OMG, I msis potato chips so much
  • Hot chips - wahhhhhhhhhhh, the closest I get to this is a potato, microwave it til it's soft, smash it, lightly spray it with canola oil and roast it at 200C for 15 minutes. It's actually pretty good, but it isn't as good as chips.
  • Soft cheese - blue brie hole in my heart right now...
  • Friday night drinks - instead of drinking with colleagues to celebrate Friday, I skip the booze and go to the gym instead. My god, this is the training session that requires the most will power of them all...I console myself with the fact that at the gym on Friday night, there is a lot of honk there, refining their charms. Oh hai! How you doing??


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