I Won't Run

Mar. 1st, 2011 12:56 am
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I have so much to write about...how I'm in my new city and how even though I'm HERE as a resident, I still feel like a visitor. How I leave work and stare up at these pointy, shiny skyscrapers that pierce through the winter sky as thousands of people shove past with eyes straight ahead and not a care about anything other than where they are going.

I want to remember the feeling of being in a new city, so when this place has me tired and worn out, I can remember that at one point in February 2011 that all I felt was the energy that this place has.

People here are incredibly welcoming. I think it comes from a city where everyone was new at one point and didn't know what to do next in this foreign place. People thrust their numbers and email addresses at me, asking me to call if I need anything. People walk me around their neighbourhood, just so I can get a feel for the place. Even though they could have been home half an hour earlier.

There is the shopping and the eating. Mall after mall of immaculate shop windows, beautiful things and gorgeous people. There are open air markets where the floor is wet with dirty water and old, worn Asian faces with bad teeth offer produce of varying quality. Where 'offer' means the dull thud of the cleaver against ancient wood, unrefrigerated meat and pools of visible blood. Or bowls of water with a bubbler which fizzes and foams as a fish sits, alive but not really moving - almost accepting of what comes next. Inbetween the shiniest pharmacies and malls sit old Chinese men who tend to their stores with cheap, practical wares.

On Saturday night I walked past bars in LKF. Clubs blared bad music, bouncers wielded guest lists. Untidy white people wore flashing headbands and sang along to Chumbawumba and Enter Sandman. Holding each other way, slack jawed and rubbery ankles trapped in ridiculous high heels. Sweaty brows and eyes going every which way. To add insult to injury, the Black Eyed Peas started to wail across this scene. 'This is a living nightmare', I thought to myself. Other exclusive clubs had people straight from the gulf in tidy stitched tuxedos and glittering Arabian sequinned gowns. Fat men sway to the music knowing that it's their money that will talk to the women, and not their dance moves.

People know HK for its shopping, pace and bars. But on Saturday afternoon, I caught a bus down to Deepwater Bay, expecting HK beaches to be small, dirty and unspectacular. As the bus wound its way out of the city and down to the south of the island, I watched this unfold itself infront of me. Green hills and that water, stretching out. I met with a whole bunch of people I didn't know, got my paddle and spent 2 hours dragon boating. This new club already are asking me to commit to racing in 2 weeks. People were surprised that I was 6 days into a new country and I was already out there on the water. It was different to Sydney dragon boating but that's the whole point of this isn't it?

I met a girl who said she wanted to try dragon boating. I told her to come along and try it, trying to explain to her how there's something so special about being in a place in your life where you have the ability in your life to be on the water. But when she told other people about it, everyone told her how 'hard' it was and how she's now thinking about sticking to spin classes and the gym.

The best things in life aren't always the easiest.

Sometimes you just need to keep pushing, even when it would be easier to stick to what you know. I keep thinking about this comment about it being 'hard' and sticking to what you know.

But then I also look at photos of international dragon boat racing in HK which is unlike anything I've ever seen before. Where they bring in barges to block off Victoria Harbour and thousands of people come to race and watch. And that's why I know there's a reason why sometimes you don't always want to do the things you know so well.


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